Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It Was A Good Post...

...for such a dreary, wet Wednesday. But unfortunately it didn't post to the blog. Grrr...I'm not in the mood for that nonsense today.

Here's a wrap-up of what I said: Tony Snow - gracious and dignified. Helen Thomas - bitter old hag.

House Judicial Committee hearing yesterday - faux on the serious side. They are all loons, on both sides. Calling FBI Director and Attorney General to testify? Impeach Attorney General option? The Republicans are eating their own. Good luck in November.

Former Senator and Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen was laid to rest yesterday. The memorial service here was conducted at the First Presbyterian Church in the museum district. It was a lovely service and all very familar to me, as I was raised in the Presbyterian Church. Bill Clinton did a eulogy, raised a bit of political slurring, but just as you'd expect him to do. Still so little class from a former President. Hillary was there, too, as was John Kerry and all the Texas politicans. Kerry got a seat in the back, I should add. Even Tom DeLay had a better seat. The music and the solo vocalists were excellent.

Rest in peace, Senator.


AC said...

I figured you would love that exchange between Tony and Helen. I do love a good vocabulary smack down.

I was reminded of a time when my new husband corrected a very pompous associate of mine in her use of "de novo" (correct was "ab ovo") She didn't think we knew what she uz a-sayin', but the Mister is a classicist (wisea**) and he didn't like her much anyway.

So sit down Helen, you bother me.

I didn't see the funeral services, but I'm certainly not surprised at Mr. Clinton. They just know its all about them.

srp said...

Yes, Clintons, lots of "pretty" (well him at least, she's marginal since someone gave her a makeover, but poor Chelsea... she just looks like she has been hit with the huge "homely" stick. Although who cares with her six figure salary.) As I was saying before my ramble took hold... lot's of pretty on the outside, not much substance of any worth on the inside.