Friday, October 01, 2010

Are Women Turning to the GOP?

Are women voters turning to the Republican party? New polling results show a definite trend and it is not good news for Democrats.

This was published in the Austin newspaper recently. Catching the eye of other bloggers, the question can be asked: what is happening to female voters' support of the Democratic party?

This all dovetails into an article written by political reporter John Fund at The Wall Street Journal. President Obama has fallen dramatically out of favor with women voters. More specifically, he has lost support from white, college educated women. They now give Obama a 39% positive job rating. Only 31% of the same category of white men approve of Obama now.

And, from The Nation, a liberal publication, the problem of women and the Democrats surfaces, too. Speaking of the party and its deliberate efforts to make the party appear more masculine after the label of being a champion for 'female' issues - the softer mommy party label - the piece states: This aversion to any hint of femininity is likely why we rarely hear about the prowoman legislation Democrats have pushed through. The first bill President Obama signed was the foot-stomping, beret-tossing Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, about which we don't hear a peep these days, even as the purportedly women-driven Tea Party barks about the ways women have been economically injured by this administration. And while Nancy Pelosi crowed in March about how, thanks to healthcare reform, being a woman no longer counts as a pre-existing medical condition, she was among the few Democrats to whoop it up on this score. And why are so many Congressional Democrats distancing themselves from the first female speaker of the House—arguably one of the most efficient, effective and dynamic ones in recent history—and apparently siding with the GOP attack featuring Pelosi as the Wicked Witch of the West?

Now, I would argue on the talent displayed by Speaker Pelosi. While she knows how to browbeat collegues for votes and ram legislation through that is monumentally unpopular with Americans outside of San Francisco, she is no Tip O'Neill. Her popularity is shown to be non-existent according to new polls. Her numbers are at an all time low. She does not present a likable personality - she is curt and inarticulate with reporters.

And, we read the word "barks" from The Nation's piece in relation to Tea Party leaders - women leaders. How progressive!

The Democrats have fallen victim to their own hype. The party takes the vote of women for granted - just as they do the minority vote. While the minority vote continues to vote in lock step, women think for themselves. Women make the family purchasing decisions, the vacation plans, the medical care decisions, the education decisions and so on. Women are typically the main caretakers of the family.

The economic policies of the Republican party are family friendly policies. Responsible mothers will teach their children to take care of themselves as they grow up and assume personal responsibility as they learn to be productive members of society. Contrary to popular thought in the Democratic male hierarchy, women are regular human beings. Women want their children to grow, to be successful in school and the adult world, to be caring and compassionate people within a community. The government and its programs do not raise children and tend to the needs of a family - women do. Members of both parties want the less fortunate of us to receive a hand up, not a hand out. Members of both parties believe in caring for the elderly and the ill in society. No one wants to take away the social security benefits of those who are receiving it. No one wants people living in gutter, eating cat food, as the insincere, nasty leftists would have you believe of the Republicans.

Women are the quickest growing populace within the entrepreneurial segment of society, of the small business owners. These businesses employ people within their communities and provide benefits for them - to help them raise families. With the help of sound fiscal policies in Washington and at the state level, this is accomplished. To raise taxes in a recession and to force new requirements like the health insurance debacle coming down the road is to stifle small business growth and increase uncertainty. All of this adds to the unemployment statistics, not ease them.

Democrats will soon realize they must wake up and take women voters seriously all year, every year. Women are no longer settling for being pandered to on the campaign trail with touchy-feely speeches from politicians. Saddling our children and grandchildren with exploding federal debt makes women angry. The days of pandering with federal program hand-outs to buy votes is coming to an end. The emerging Tea Party movement is led by women. The Republican party is the new woman's party. Republican women get the work done from grass roots to federal level leadership.

Welcome aboard, ladies. We want you in the Republican party and we need you. Help us change course from an arrogant and deaf Democratic leadership.

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David Jennings said...

I don't know if women are or aren't but I do know they should be running from the DNC and this president. Check out the lyrics of this song used to pump up their base: