Friday, October 22, 2010

Slurpee Fetish, Mr. President?

In August came the original report about the slurpee reference in addition to the car in the ditch analogy about the economy:

It’s as if they drove a car into the ditch and then we had to put on our boots and go down there in the mud, and we’ve been pushing and shoving. And they’ve been standing aside and watching us, and saying, ‘you’re not pushing right, you’re not pushing fast enough’,” he said to loud laughter from the crowd. ”You know, they’re drinking on a Slurpee or something and…” he said to even louder laughter and cheers from the audience.

And in September, the President of the United States enjoyed his own derogatory slam against Republicans that he has since used it in twenty-six (26) speeches. It seems that Barack Obama has a bit of a slurpee fetish.

He also described House Minority Leader John Boehner, not by name, as “somebody who thinks he’s going to be speaker.” Later, furthering the pushing-the-car-out-of-ditch analogy, he said, “We’re sweating and these guys were watching us and sipping on a Slurpee.”

Since the President is a man who seems oblivious to the fact that he is way over-exposed when it comes to seven day a week photo ops and televised speeches on cable television, the repeated slurpee reference was an easy one to catch. It was even the subject of a question to Press Secretary Robert Gibbs during one of the White House press briefings.

Perhaps with the question to Gibbs posed by a member of the White House Press Corps, Team Obama may have realized it was getting a bit old. Or just odd. The extended campaign trip to the West Coast - five days, his longest to date - brought about this from stats keeper, Mark Knoller:

Mark Knoller of CBS Radio tweeted: "Worth noting: Pres Obama did his economy-in-a-ditch riff at Dem rally in Portland, Or last night but no mention of GOP sippin' Slurpees." when he actually delivered a campaign style stump speech without the reference.

How about the GOP bringing up his excessive golf playing in such dire times and the wrong message it sends? How about we point out it makes him look lazy, complacent and devil may care about the nation's woes?

Wonder what the reaction would be?

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