Friday, October 08, 2010

Jerry Brown and Misogyny Today

I think Jerry Brown is a good example of why the far left agenda is a failure in politics. Even in California he is known as Governor Moonbeam, from his earlier days as leader of the state.

Today his campaign is apologizing for calling rival candidate Meg Whitman a whore. L.A. Police Protective League claims Whitman made a deal with them on pensions if she wins the election. Brown is not in favor of making a deal with them. A reversal of traditional thinking between the two parties but nonetheless. In the background, after a phone call concludes and yet the tape recorder is still running in the room, a Brown aide calls Whitman a whore for showing willingness to make a deal. Liberals are brushing it off as though she deserves the label because she is making deals and so, well, that's what she gets.

Interesting. Are male candidates called whores? Why are the far left ideologues still accepting of such misogyny around today's women candidates. Hillary Clinton certainly was abused by her own party for being a woman candidate, too. Isn't this 2010? Aren't we supposed to be well past this sort of discrimination as a society?

The far left are hypocrites when it comes to claiming to be supporters of women's issues. They are only too willing to look the other way if the politician is one of their own. Bill Clinton was excused time and time again for bad behavior towards women and yet not a word was uttered. He was elected and re-elected over and over, whether for Governor of Arkansas or President of the United States. Liberal women journalists joked that they would be happy to "service" him as they flew on Air Force One. How progressive. How professional.

The votes of women have been taken for granted by the Democrats for far too long. They no longer even try to cover their double standard. Say anything is their motto. Whether it is referring to the Tea Party movement using sexual terminology or lurid descriptions of GOP women running for office. They are not much better to their own.

Call them out on it. Insist women be treated with respectful language whether you are on the same side of the political aisle or not.

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