Sunday, October 17, 2010

Texas Democrats' Preemptive Surrender

How do we know the Democrats in Texas are reading the writing on the wall for the upcoming elections? There are already articles - blogs, mostly - surfacing bemoaning the advantages the Perry campaign has over poor Bill White. It's laughable, of course, but it is standard operating policy today for Democrats. They held out hope that this would be the election cycle that they could finally turn Texas into a solidly blue state and now are sourly, angrily, reading the tea leaves. Or the polls.

Maybe it's witchcraft.

Why is Rick Perry maintaining a healthy lead over Bill White in the polls? Well, unlike Bill White, Rick Perry has not embraced Barack Obama. White ran from Obama recently when he realized it was to his advantage but the logic is clear - a Governor White would be a rubber stamp for any assistance he could be to President Obama. Birds of a feather...

So, the intellectual ponderers on the left side of the political world state that Rick Perry is winning the polling because Texans are just not informed. That's right. Democrats, when it isn't going so good for the team, just insult the electorate. This is not Rick Perry's first term winding down. They know him. If the majority of Texas voters were hopin' for some change, they'd be flocking to the alternative.

Even, according to this account, HISD is getting in on the defeatist train. Rebecca Flores, the director of Government Relations for HISD, and board attorney David Thompson delivered their expectations during an afternoon agenda review prior to Thursday's board meeting.

"Gov. Perry has a sizeable lead. We expect no change," Flores told trustees. She also said there was a low probability of change in the Senate or speaker's race, but that Democrats may lose a few seats in the House, perhaps three to five.

Perry has the endorsement of the Houston Fire Department: With more than 3,800 men and women, the Houston Fire Department is the third-largest fire department in the nation, and Local 341 is the third-largest fire fighters' union in the nation.

"I am honored to have the support from the brave men and women of the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association, who know firsthand the choices they have in this race, and am proud to have them on our team," Perry said, speaking at the local's headquarters north of downtown. He received the endorsement of the Texas State Fire Fighters Association earlier this month.

Perry also has picked up the endorsement of the Houston Police Officer Union: “Gov. Perry appreciates and supports the sacrifices our men and women make on a daily basis,” said Houston Police Officers’ Union PAC Chairman, Ray Hunt. “He has effectively championed our efforts to ensure that Texans have safe and secure neighborhoods. We are proud to endorse Gov. Perry and look forward to working closely with him for another four years.”

No one much remembers that Bill White was a deputy energy secretary in the Clinton administration. He did nothing to distinguish himself in that position. Sounds like those who worked most closely protecting Houston, the nation's fourth largest city, during his terms as mayor are not so impressed either.

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