Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Smart Girls Open Dialogue

Smart Girl Politics began as an offshoot of the 2008 presidential election cycle. Continuing to grow, in 2009 a Smart Girl Summit was held as a way for like-minded women to gather and inspire conservative women as grassroots political activists.

The motto of Smart Girl Politics: Engage. Educate. Empower.

Smart Girl Summit has opened a dialogue between liberal and conservative women. And by dialogue, I mean a cat fight. It never fails. Women are not the greatest supporters of each other and can be our own worst enemies in the process. Liberal women are indignant that conservative women are leading the current political tsunami underway which will result in the strong Democratic majority in the House of Representatives go the way of other failed ideas - down the tubes. While all women can celebrate a woman as Speaker of the House, the first one proved to be a dreadful example of sour leadership. Who wants to be represented by a person - male or female - so vapid as to state "We have to pass the bill so you can see what's in it"? Well, maybe those in San Francisco...

The problem is that liberal women don't understand the concept of feminist conservatives. Feminist is a term jealously held for themselves by liberals, which is silly in and of itself, but true. So, Emily's List - an organization devoted to electing pro-choice female Democrats - sent an intern to go "undercover" to the Smart Girls Summit '10 to report back about the goings-on. So incredibly juvenile at face value, compounded by the fact that it was open to the public and a welcoming environment to all walks of political thought.

Blissfully mute on the dreadfully hateful speech frequently heard from speakers at Democratic gatherings, this intern was offended by some of the words used by some speakers at the conference. Tender ears burned by tough talk. Welcome to the real world, young woman. The rhetoric goes both ways.

Princella D. Smith was one singled out in the angst of the young woman intern. Princella is proof that the old stereotype that the GOP is only for white men has been shattered in recent years. Princella, you see, is a 26 year old black woman. Liberals don't like prominent young black women coming forward as conservatives. They feel entitled to blind support from youth and minorities. She is described as: Princella Smith is a 26 year-old former Republican congressional candidate from Arkansas. Prior to running for office, she served as a national spokesperson for Newt Gingrich’s American Solutions and as a communications director on Capitol Hill. She has worked on or with various campaigns and has been a frequent guest on national and local media outlets. This article explains the whole brouhaha the best.

As with the misguided ad parodying Palin's mama grizzlies' video, Emily's List excursion into enemy territory is a bit of an embarrassment. Why sent an intern on the sly to report on a conference that was open to anyone willing to pay for a ticket? Why spy on conservative women? Why so shocked and appalled at the speeches? The whole thing makes Emily's List look a little desperate, a little out of step. Again it fails to understand conservative smart girls.

And this: Now comes Smart Girl blogger Jenny Erikson, countering with a challenge:
"Listen up liberals, because I am sick to death of saying it. We conservatives don't believe it's freakish and against the laws of nature to decide not to have children, to attend an Ivy League school, or to have a career....''
"What is against the laws of nature? For a woman to kill her unborn child for no reason other than being pregnant is inconvenient."

Conservative women are living the feminist model - making their own choices and pursuing their dreams. The social/moral issue of abortion, does, however, divide conservatives and liberals. If liberal women continue to be one-note Nellies about abortion, as though that issue is the only one of importance, then they will continue to fall behind the times. And, sshhh....don't tell them. There are pro-choice women in the GOP, too! Imagine that!

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