Thursday, October 21, 2010

Early Voting Brings Political Thuggery In Harris County

Early voting barely begun before the thuggery went into action. I encourage you to read this blog post carefully. The Democrats are determined to win in Texas through less than honorable means, to put it politely, and are counting on their fanboys in the local media to provide the publicity.

Following in the footsteps of Barack Obama, the Texas Democratic Party has decided to file a lawsuit against those demanding true and honest elections in Harris County. Just as candidate Barack Obama, in his days as a state legislator in Illinois, used the power of law suits to clear the field for his election success, the Texas Democratic Party hopes to clear out any honest poll watching for elections.

As Houston blogger Kevin Whited points out: The King Street Patriots' voter-integrity project True the Vote, of course, made news earlier this year in exposing potential vote-fraud efforts by Houston Votes, a Dem-activist-dominated "nonpartisan" voter-registration group.

King Street Patriots has also been active in inviting candidates and newsmakers to informational meetings, and their audience's affinity for certain candidates* has led to today's countercharges from progressive "ethics" front groups of possible campaign ethics violations**. Interestingly, reporting*** by an "independent" news organization is cited as part of the basis for the complaint, which is also then reported by the "independent" news organization. Circular (and "coincidental") enough?

The cherry on top is Matt Angle today announcing his support of the Democratic Party lawsuit because, in his words, "The King Street Patriots is not a legitimate nonpartisan or nonprofit organization. It is the most extreme and intolerant arm of the Harris County Republican Party."

As a woman involved in the Harris County Republican Party, I can state that the King Street Patriots are not "an arm" of the party. They are their own separate entity. They would be the first to tell you that they do not identify as Republican or Democrat, but as independent Tea Party activists. No doubt most will vote for Republican candidates at the polls, but conservative leaning voters often self-identify as independent voters. The farce of Houston Votes being "non-partisan" has been exposed several times already. It is projection.

In full disclosure, I will say I am a voter in Jim Murphy's district. He is running against Kristy Thibault, a former lobbyist for ACORN and in a tight race with Murphy. Murphy held the seat before Thibault, so there is a back and forth history to this race. Suddenly, the Democrats were quite interested in attending the speaking appearance of Murphy when he visited King Street Patriots. Wonder if they were present when Anita Moncrief, ACORN whistleblower, spoke to the group recently?

The Democrats originally were to file suit against the Green Party and then sent out a press release stating it was amended to include King Street Patriots. The Houston Chronicle published the press release. They claim to want to uncover donations and activities of the group. They claim King Street Patriots operates as a political action committee (PAC) without filing appropriate paperwork with the State of Texas.

And, it the standard attempt to cry racism over honest attempts to keep the vote honest, a report has emerged from poll watchers in minority districts being intimidated and sent home after having personal information given to the objector, a Democrat Harris County Commissioner. In one instance, three poll watchers were yelled at by a Democrat Harris County Commissioner El Franco Lee who said,”Why are you here? We have never had poll watchers here. Ya’ll need to get on out of here.”

Lee then demanded that the polling place judge give him information about the three poll watchers and the presiding judge complied–giving him their private information. The three poll watchers now fear for their safety and wonder what will be done with their personal information which included their phone numbers and home addresses.

Is it a bragging point that a poll has never had poll watchers there? I suppose so if an elected official is concerned with results. These three senior citizen women weren't displaying billy clubs.

*HERE blogHouston updates the story. Sometimes even local media is shamed into doing actual reporting.

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