Tuesday, October 05, 2010

One Nation Rally in Washington

Leading up to the "One Nation" rally, liberals boasted of the expected diversity to be on display at the event. This is a favorite boast of the Democratic party - how diverse a party it is in make up. Byron York writes:

Looking around the rally, there were Teamsters Local 311, Service Employees International Union Local 1199, Communications Workers of America Local 2336, American Federation of Teachers Local 1, United Auto Workers Amalgamated Local 171, Transport Workers Union Local 100, and representatives of many, many other unions. That's a lot of diversity

Is that what passes for diversity these days? Unions and more unions. Paid bus trips into the nation's capitol to act as though it is a gathering of committed individuals coming together for common cause? Did they receive union wages for attending and holding up nasty signs?

This article for The Daily Beast provides some color commentary of the event: The crowds mostly wore union T-shirts—tie-dyes for members of SEIU/1199—while UAW members donned straight-forward navy blue shirts that said “Mobilizing for Justice.” Justice is, of course, supposed to be impartial, but in this crowd the word had ideological overtones, as protesters marched past people handing out copies of “The Workers World” and selling The Communist Manifesto next to the collected works of Malcom X.

It sounds really kind of sad. Old washed up 1960's professional race baiters - Jesse Jackson, for instance (who has a long history with the current president) and openly Communist and Socialists all coming together to wrap themselves in victimhood. How retro.

The park employees were none too thrilled with the trashy mess left behind. Isn't it the far left that brags about how environmentally aware they are? Or is it just when it comes to the taxpayer footing the bill, not for them to actually bend down and pick up some trash themselves? Couldn't they have at least been earth friendly enough to pick up after themselves?

I'll pass on embracing this spectacle as "diversity" and something of which to be proud.

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