Sunday, October 10, 2010

Obama Vows Hand to Hand Combat With GOP

Whatever happened to candidate Obama's promise of a post-racial administration?
An Associated Press-GfK poll shows whites without four-year college degrees preferring GOP candidates by twice the margin of the last two elections, when Democrats made significant gains in the House and Senate. The poll, conducted last month, found this group favoring GOP hopefuls 58 percent to 36 percent — a whopping 22 percentage-point gap

And, what about a post-partisan administration? You remember, we aren't red states or blue states, we are the United States, right? Well seems that is out the window, too, in the panic of watching poll after poll still predict big wins for the GOP in November. A Republican majority in Congress would mean "hand-to-hand combat" on Capitol Hill for the next two years, threatening policies Democrats have enacted to stabilize the economy, President Obama warned Wednesday.

One would think it is a humbling turn of events that so soon into his first term, Obama finds a CNN poll showing former President G.W. Bush missed by so many Americans. The poll finds 1/4 of Democrats believe a return of Republicans into power would be good for political policy decisions.

According to the poll, independents say they would vote for the Republican candidate over the Democrat by a two to one margin.

The CNN poll is of course deeply humiliating for the White House, especially coming just three and a half weeks before the November mid-terms. George W. Bush’s resurgence is in large part due to mounting opposition to the Obama’s presidency’s left-wing agenda, but it is also spurred by Obama’s image as an out of touch, aloof and elitist president, divorced from economic and political reality on the ground.

However, Obama continues on in his own little bubble. The man is tone deaf to the chatter on the ground of the electorate. Americans are loudly voicing opposition to the big government solutions Team Obama continues to choose to solve the problems of the nation yet what does Obama do? He chooses to double down on the path to governing from the far left. Two recent staffing decisions show that he has no intention to moderate after the coming defeats the mid-term elections will provide for his Democratic majorities in Congress.

When Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel resigned, Obama announced his replacement - Peter Rause - described as a calm, trusted senior adviser to Obama who has spent much of his career as a chief of staff in the Senate Rause is known as a devoted, long time Democratic ideologue who serves quietly, out of the camera lights and away from the microphones. And, National Security Adviser James Jones is slated to be replaced by Thomas Donilon, another long time fixture inside the Capitol. He is described as one who began as young political operative for President Jimmy Carter and later was chief of staff for Secretary of State Warren Christopher in the Clinton administration. He has long operated in the area between politics and national security. He coached Mr. Obama on foreign policy for his debates during the 2008 presidential campaign. Both staffing decisions say no change in tone, no change in policy, no change in attitude, and certainly no change in any outreach to Republicans.

President Obama wants hand to hand combat? He should remember - be careful for which you wish.

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