Friday, October 22, 2010

Thibaut Investigated By TX Ethics Commission

The Republican Party of Texas has launched a new video on the activities of Tx State Rep Kristi Thibaut as a lobbyist for ACORN in Texas.

“Representative Thibaut is currently under investigation by the Texas Ethics Commission for failure to properly disclose the nature of her relationship with ACORN,” said Chris Elam, Communications Director for the RPT. “We expect to know more in the weeks ahead about the full scope of Thibaut’s work for ACORN and what implications that may have for the people of Houston. The fact that she made money as an ACORN lobbyist and then tried to purposefully hide that fact from the voters should rightfully disqualify her from elected office.”

This is the video:

The statements about Thibaut put forward by The Republican Party of Texas are "True", according to PolitiFact Texas:

Far as it goes, the GOP statement we reviewed is True.
We confirmed each of the party's citations from state records.

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