Sunday, October 31, 2010

Obama Lies About GOP Funding of Global AIDS Initiatives

President Obama was featured at a get out the vote rally in Bridgeport, CT on Saturday. During his speech, he was interrupted by protesters. The protesters are AIDS activists. He has been interrupted recently by them with some frequency on the campaign trail. Today, he decided to blame the GOP for inadequate funding of the global AIDS problem.

Watch this VIDEO and hear it yourself.

Let the irony not be lost in this outburst today. Obama focused his weekly address to the nation on radio by calling for new efforts for both sides of the political aisle to work together in Washington, D.C. Yes, really.

Too bad for the President that many AIDS activists are on record praising George W. Bush and his administration for their work with funding AIDS research and outreach measures, especially in Africa. There are highways and major roads named for George W. Bush in Africa in recognition of his support. Celebrities visited Bush in the Oval Office and always came away expressing favorable opinions.

Character matters, Mr. President. How sad you have so little and show it so often.

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Tim Dax said...

obama didn't blame bush. he refers to the republican politicians in washington, today & now. Bush started AIDS research initiatives and this speech has nothing to do with Bush. there is no questioning that. ur skewed pov is affecting ur ability to see issues most at hand. take a breath, count to 3, then proceed. ;)