Thursday, October 14, 2010

What Do Women Voters Think of Obama Agenda?

A new poll conducted by Kitchen Cabinet shows the following opinions of women towards the Obama agenda:

“People who voted for Obama feel just as betrayed by the outcome as conservatives,” said Sonja Eddings Brown, treasurer and creator of The Kitchen Cabinet. “Everybody realizes we’re burying our kids in debt, and even Democrats realize hope and change had a price tag they didn’t expect.”

* 56% of women consider the health care reform law a failure while only 29% considered the bill a success.

* 53% of women consider the economic stimulus package a failure while only 34% say the plan was a success.

* Among independent women, the majority consider the Obamacare bill, stimulus package, auto bailout, and TARP programs as failures.

* 41% of the women surveyed identified themselves as Democrats, while 37% percent identified as Republicans and 15% as independents.

* 66% of the women surveyed stated they were 100% likely to vote.

Republicans, this is why reaching out to women is so important. Women in general are dissatisfied with this administration and this President's agenda. Traditionally women tend to be Democratic voters but that is changing. Let's help the change along.

Women vote.

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