Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Oil Drilling Moratorium Lifted - With Strings

As the oil drilling moratorium was lifted, the response from Interior Secretary Salazar summed it up as such: Drillers must meet "the higher bar we have set" in order to get new permits, Salazar said, including written certifications by oil company executives that they have met all the safety rules. Companies must also have specific plans for dealing with any spill.

A pox on your house, Ken Salazar. In order to push your far left environmental agenda, you have crippled the oil drilling industry in our country. You must be quite pleased with yourself. What a low life ideologue you have proven to be. This nonsensical power game you are playing for the satisfaction of your own bloated ego - cowboy hat included -is too personal to many of us to be confident that you have a single clue as to what you are doing.

Stacking on meaningless regulations and red tape in the name of 'safety' is inane.

From He and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management director Michael Bromwich announced the end of the moratorium today on a 1:00 pm media conference call. "We are open for business," Salazar said.

Is that what the American people are to believe, Secretary Salazar? Do you think everyone is so ignorant that the "open for business" nonsense means with a stroke of your pen the Gulf of Mexico is back to normal? How unbelievably phony of you. Rigs have left the Gulf of Mexico and others are stacked. There is no such thing as 'open for business' on the turn of a dime. Stop lying to the public.

Just as the Obama administration covered up reports from scientists of the ultimate total effects of the oil spill, just as the scientists had the misfortune of Salazar's office tacking on additional paragraphs at the end of a study concluding no moratorium was necessary so that he could turn around and demand a moratorium - even after the scientists signed the documents - you have been caught red-handed. Now, we all know nothing will happen. The people working in the oil drilling industry and all of the support personnel and small businesses feeling the direct effects of the unneeded moratorium will just have to suck it up, right? Too bad, so sad.

The Gulf oil spill was Obama's Hurricane Katrina and he failed spectacularly. Then he allowed Salazar and Dr. Chu to take the reins, though they had no experience or knowledge of the workings of the industry. Chairs were shuffled, agencies re-named, moratorium slapped on the Gulf coast, photo ops and bogus information fed to the willing media. How Nixonian of you all.

This dishonors the eleven lives lost in the tragedy. May their rein of incompetency in Washington, D.C. be short and final.

Following the announcement by Secretary of the U.S. Department of Interior Ken Salazar on deepwater oil and gas drilling, Senator Cornyn issued the following statement:

The Obama Administration’s drilling moratorium announcement is a start, but doesn’t translate into real relief for Gulf Coast businesses and residents who rely on the energy industry for their livelihood. Companies who are in compliance with new rules are likely to face lengthy delays for permits. As long as this permitting moratorium continues to exist, there is an increasing strain on Gulf Coast businesses and independent operators that are struggling to keep their doors open. Until we see new permits issued to allow drilling to go forward, jobs are not being saved or created, revenue for the Gulf region is not being generated, and much-needed domestic energy resources are not being tapped.

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