Thursday, October 07, 2010

Nervous Democrats Spy on Conservative Records

What is it with this administration and spying on conservatives? Is it such a scary political season for them and the upcoming wave of GOP wins in the mid-term elections that they are now resorting to Clinton-era style snooping on the opposition?
The Treasury Department is looking into allegations that Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Austan Goolsbee illegally snooped into the tax status of a privately held corporation run by some of the country’s biggest conservative political benefactors.

Several prominent Republican senators pressed the department’s inspector general to investigate why Goolsbee claimed Koch Industries hadn’t paid corporate taxes.

The White House says Goolsbee, who made the remarks in a late August background conference call with reporters — just before his appointment to CEA chairman — misspoke.

Goolsbee is not too swift, if he did do the spying, because he got the facts wrong as he accused a major corporation of not paying their corporate taxes. On Sept. 22, an attorney for Koch Industries told The Weekly Standard that "Koch Industries does pay corporate income taxes and is compliant with all its tax obligations”—meaning Goolsbee got it wrong.

Is this the new age of superior ethics in action, as we were promised from President Obama as he was sworn into office?

Remember the claims by newly installed Speaker of the House Pelosi and her pledge to 'drain the swamp' in Congress? Well, that didn't happen and it is only getting worse. Despite her claims of draining the swamp, Pelosi’s allies have nonetheless been preoccupied with securing reelection and helping special interest friends rather than their constituents, who still suffer from ever rising unemployment and a sluggish economic recovery – despite a $787 billion “stimulus”.

Senator Baucus has requested that investigations on conservative organizations begin by looking into their tax filings. He is bothered by the effective work done by them this campaign cycle. Where is his concern about unions, manpower and money, in our elections?

Democrats have been exposed on Twitter, too. There is a video circulating that unmasks a nasty Democratic operative threatening and aggressively pursuing conservatives on Twitter. Where does it stop?

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