Monday, October 25, 2010

Salazar Loses Again In Court On Gulf Oil Spill

Did I miss all the bold typed headlines and breaking news alerts last week as it pertains to the moratorium recently lifted by Interior Secretary Salazar, after two soundly sharp rebuts from a Federal judge in New Orleans? The complacent press seems to have either not bothered to notice or yawned so deeply that they were too tuckered out to report about this:

Federal Judge Martin Feldman in New Orleans last week unceremoniously dumped the 10 safety regulations Mr. Salazar slapped on the drilling industry in June in the wake of the spill. The judge found Interior had ignored clear rule-making requirements. Public "notice and comment were required by law. The government did not comply," and so the rules are void, declared Judge Feldman, who is the same judge who previously threw out the Administration's deep water drilling moratorium as unjustified by either science or safety.

Yes, the moratorium has been lifted by Salazar, who stubbornly ignored the decision that it was illegal by Judge Feldman, but why the blind following of the far left ideology of Salazar? Does the American media just no longer even try to report decisions that point to the totalitarian bent to this administration?

Perhaps it is because Republicans are poised to have a very good day on November 2 and the press doesn't want to heap more bad news onto this sinking administration. Protecting their home team, as it is to them.

Team Obama is trying mightily to kill the domestic oil drilling industry in our country. It is good to read about some push back.

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