Tuesday, March 21, 2006


For a large part of our marriage, hubby and I have had up to 4 cats at a time. We aquired Scarlett and Prissy just a few months into our marriage. They were orphans roaming around the cars in the driveway to try to keep warm in the Indiana winter snow. They were sisters from the same litter. Scarlett was an orange tabby and Prissy was a calico. Both grew into their names. Scarlett was a constant meower, letting her humans know of her displeasure. Prissy was very quiet and skittish. She always ran to another room for refuge from visitors.

Next, while living in Dallas, hubby brought home Rhett. He found him and brought him home. He was two or three years old and very docile. He was a big old teddy bear of a cat.
Another orange tabby.

Last to arrive of the original four was Beauregard. He found us in Lafayette, LA just a few months before our son was born. Beau was abandoned along a road. He was so small that he fit in my palm and too weak to walk on his own. He may have been 4 weeks old. We nursed him to health and he blended into the gang. Beau was not a social creature. He kept to himself and was not one to shy away from a rumble. He preferred being outdoors.

Beau was the last of the original four cats with us. We took Max the dog from my sister as a puppy. He was one of a litter one of her dogs had and she was looking to place the puppies. Our son was asking for a dog by then and Max became our first dog. And then Oreo. Oreo is a black and white stray we took in about a year after Max came to live with us. Oreo is about 3 years old now. He is so bouncy that I mentioned to our son we should have named him Tigger! He lets himself in and out using the dog door. Max, however, doesn't use the dog door. He thinks he's a people.

Beau had to be put down yesterday. He had a good 17 years and was just in too much pain from old age maladies. He was too onery to take to the vet, even tranquilized, but he was spoiled like all the other animals (and humans) around here. It was time. The end of the critters we parented before our son.

So, now we have Max and Oreo. That is plenty.


srp said...

Having had to go through this with three cats and two dogs, no matter how old and infirm they are or how much pain they are in, it is still heart wrenching to do. I'm so sorry.

AC said...

17 years is a long time. I know you are sad. I've a 17 year old orange tabby myself, the barn cat, the loner. I'm preparing myself to miss her. Even with a big pack of animals, every one of them is special.

All 4 first cats names are from GWTW the novel, not the movie, right? Wasn't Beau Scarlett's first child?

Cowtown Pattie said...

Oh, dear. Sorry to hear about Beau.

My mom just had her longtime doggie companion put to sleep last week. Sally was nearly 15 years old - half golden retriever and half ?. She is going to get another dog in a few months. Since dad passed away, she really depended on Sally.

Beverly said...

Sorry about Beau. it's hard to let them go. My feline friend, Color, died this past year after being in our house for 18 years. After the kids left the house, and my husband was taken suddenly in an accident four years ago, it was just me and Color. What a comfort and companion she was on lonely nights.