Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sunrise, Sunset

Well, hubby and son are en route home and will be here early this evening. They decided to leave last night instead of waiting for morning and getting home Sunday. Hubby drove until 3:30 this morning then they got back on the road after some sleep. He has always preferred night driving.

I have a big pot of chili simmering on the stove for when they arrive. I'll fix the rice when I know they are close and pop the baguette in the oven to warm. Yum. That and a cold beer will hit the spot.

Hubby was called by his boss, twice, during his time off and is set to go to Bolivia on Tuesday. It's a country he hasn't been to yet so he is curious about this business trip. He is never really on vacation, that company issued cell phone of his keeps him tethered to the office. His plans can change at any time and that is why we do not plan vacations too far out. Something always comes up.

We have a new addition at the Houston Zoo. On the front page of today's newspaper was a photo of a new baby Masai giraffe born Wednesday. His proud papa, Kiva, was photographed with him. The calf was 5'6" and 102 lbs. at birth. He's taller than me already! The zoo is putting up a spot on its website to let the public vote on the new baby's name.

Also in the paper this morning was a little article on the death of Narvin Kimball, the last surviving founding member of the New Orleans Preservation Hall Jazz Band. He was known for his banjo playing and his vocal stylings. He was 97 years old. For those of us who dearly loved the music scene in New Orleans, The Preservation Jazz Hall is almost sacred ground. The article quotes Ben Jaffe, hall director,"he was really our last connection to a bygone time in the history of New Orleans."

Sunrise, sunset.

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srp said...

It looks like they will be missing the snowstorm cranking up in the midsections today. That is good. The chili sounds great and I already had lunch. What I need most right now is a nap!