Friday, March 03, 2006

Not Much

So, how much have you heard of an historic nuclear energy agreement between the US and India brokered by President Bush and his team while visiting there the past couple of days?

Not much.

How much have you heard about the "secret" stop in Afghanistan and the Afghanistan people praising President Bush for being their liberator and hero? The first president to visit Afghanistan since President Eisenhower, by the way.

Not much.

How much have you heard about reform pushed to the front of the agenda at the UN, thanks to the energy of Ambassador John Bolton? You remember, that evil man John Bolton, don't you?

Not much.

How much have you heard about the video tapes put out there by the AP to show the administration's actions leading up to Hurricane Katrina, which in fact show the administration in place and prepared? How much have you heard of Gov. Blanco telling the President and FEMA that the levees hadn't breeched and may not, even though this conversation took place a good 4 hours after the levees did, in fact, breech? But it is the sole responsibility of the administration in Washington, DC to control a natural disaster?

Just a little perspective, people. That's all I ask.

The local news stations here in our fine city have now for the past two nights talked about the video tapes and asked Katrina evacuees their thoughts on how the administration handled the situation. Not their mayor or governor, or even themselves, mind you, just the administration in Washington, DC. Of course they think the president should be impeached and all that utter nonsense.

No personal responsibility with these folks. They have all been healthy looking, capable people from what I have seen on camera. Just waiting for "the government" to do everything for them.

My question is - what were they doing to take care of themselves waiting for the storm to come? No preparation, no plan, just expect "the government" to do for you. Then complain afterwards because it didn't all go smoothly for you. Don't blame yourself for your life. Blame the president. Blame FEMA.

Personal responsibility. What a concept.


srp said...

All this mess makes me almost, and mind you I said almost, want a democrat to win the next presidency. It will be a pleasure to see them fall on their face. Of course it might require more people in NYC or DC or Chicago, or LA being killed by terrorists, but (SARCASM HERE) that really isn't too high a price to pay to have one of their own in the top seat.

AC said...

I was cracking my head on my desk because I was SURE I remembered Blanco saying after katrina had passed that the levees had held. And if I hear one MORE TIME that Bush didn't ask any questions (on the part of the tape the MSM aired) I may throw a chair across the room. This is just pathetic.

I have 2 books for "them" to read about personal responsibility. QBQ and Flipping the Switch by John Miller. They're skinny books and not hard to read, but I'm betting some skulls are just too thick to get it. Auugh!