Friday, March 03, 2006

Fool of the Week

This week the Fools of the Week goes to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The controversy over the port deals with the United Arab Emirates has shown again that the Clinton duo has no center. They have no center since they only have beliefs as long as the beliefs are politically expedient.

Bill Clinton is a featured speaker at summits in Dubai on a regular basis. His fee is $300,000 per speech. The money men in Dubai are heavy contributors to the Clinton presidental library in Arkansas. Two weeks ago, Clinton advised top officials in Dubai on how to appease US concerns about the DP World deal.

Hillary Clinton, hoping to be the first out of the gate to overreact to the deal, without all the facts of the deal, introduces legislation to stop any foreign country from responsibility of port operation in this country. Where was her concern as she and Bill were giving away our port operations to the Chinese? Or our satellite secrets to the Chinese, for that matter? Did she oppose Singapore or Taiwan operators? What about the Brits?

It is all about the politics of the subject, not homeland security. This administration has been stellar on protecting this country from future attacks. That is why we are fighting overseas. And of course she is beholden to the unions for campaign money.

Nothing changes due to this deal. The company is sold to UAE and our operations at the ports remains the same. How many people were aware that most of our ports in this country are operating with foreign owned companies unloading the containers from freighters? Our country doesn't have enough companies capable of doing the business. It's a global economy.

The Clinton duo hopes to play good cop, bad cop on this subject for the maximum effect come election time.

So, what else is new?

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srp said...

This shows that, as I suspected, the Clintons do not sleep in the same bed. Neither do they talk to each other. I wonder how long it has been since they actually were husband and wife in the complete sense of the words.