Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Lois Ann

Today would have been my mother's 75th birthday. Lois Ann. An old fashioned kind of name not used much anymore.
She was born in Bedford, Indiana.
She was blonde and green eyed.
She was the 5th child of 9, born to a contractor and a housewife.
She remembered the attack of Pearl Harbor as a young girl.
She remembered ration books.
She lost a sister to leukemia at an early age.
She lost her mother at the age of 13.
Her father later re-married and relocated to Tulsa, OK and built many limestone buildings downtown.
She was awarded a scholarship to nursing school.
She didn't become a nurse as she discovered she couldn't handle blood.
She married at 19.
She moved to Ocean Springs, Mississippi at the age of 20.
She gave birth to two daughters in Biloxi.
She moved the family to New Orleans as my father's work changed three years later.
She moved the family to Shreveport as my father's work transferred him there two years later.
She gave birth to another daughter in Shreveport.
She moved the family to Atlanta some 11 years later as my father's work transferred him there.
She was a widow at the age of 44, 3 years later.
She moved herself and her youngest daughter to southern Indiana to be around family and begin anew.
She opened an antique shop and ran it.
She studied and received her realtor's license.
She enjoyed being a granny.
She lived a full life.


Blog Author said...

I know a Lois... you are right it's not used much anymore. The Lois I know is about 50. Wouldn't surprise me if the name makes a come back though... Adelle and Adeline and such are back!

Jennifer said...

What a life she led. And what a lovely, strong example she must have been for you. Still, even.

Open Book

AC said...

Resilient women inspire me. What a beautiful tribute to your mom.

srp said...

Go Bedford, Indiana.
Technically my hometown, since I was born there.
My parents really lived in Oolitic.
I think Lois Ann is a beautiful name.