Thursday, March 30, 2006

Peeps Protest

It's warm, windy and humid here. Springtime in Houston.

The Easter bunny is not welcome at St. Paul's City Hall. He was removed along with a Happy Easter sign so as not to offend anyone.

OK. We realize the Easter bunny is not a religious symbol, right? I don't think he is mentioned in the Bible, but maybe I just overlooked that passage. I don't want to alarm anyone but he also doesn't really lay eggs.

I think I would like the employees of St. Paul's City Hall. They decided to stage a "Peep" protest under a statue called The Vision of Peace. "Peeps, it's pretty funny cause it peeps instead of peace," laughed attorney and city hall employee Maureen Dolan. So it is called the Peeps Protest and the colorful and sugary treats are being brought in to make a display of their own.

The St. Paul Human Rights Office announced that its director has no further comment on the Easter bunny brouhaha.

The ACLU of Minnesota, through one of its attorneys, states that according to law, the Easter bunny is secular and the greeting Happy Easter is religious. But allowing the bunny at City Hall? The ACLU would not have challenged it. Probably. So they say.

Power to the Peeps!

"Always hold your head up, but be careful to keep your nose at a friendly level." - Max L. Forman


srp said...

I love the quote. Isn't it wonderful how God chose to put our noses with the openings pointing down. I wonder how many tries it would have taken man to think of such a thing. So yes, hold the nose mid range, not looking down your nose at anyone and not having your nose stuck so high in the air as not to see those around you. Besides, if you get it too high, it might just come a storm and a down pour and you might collect water and drown.

This probably makes no sense. It was supposed to but it is almost Friday. I think that will be my excuse today.

My brother heads for Brazil in one week. Right now he is trying to get from Vienna to Dresden tomorrow. Was going to take the train but melting snows have caused flooding in Prague and the trains cannot get through. So, last minute flight from Vienna to Berlin and train from there to Dresden.

Go Bunny. Go Peeps. My favorite. Nyssa brought me some from Mississippi on spring break. Don't ask me why, perhaps she thinks those in Mississippi taste better. Teenagers. (I can say that for 25 more days.)

AC said...

I gave up on the Easter Bunny the year I begged my mom for this deal - a Beatles album instead of an Easter basket filled, not with Peeps, but my favorite purple eggs. Gaaah, my teeth hurt in remembrance! Anyway Easter morning I trooped outside to collect the basket I was sure was there anyway, regardless of my already played Beatles album, to find nothing on the porch!!!

I've heard several malls voted the Easter bunny out so as to not offend non-Christians but had to allow him back for purely economical reasons. All this not-offending is kinda ticking me off.