Friday, March 10, 2006

Fool of the Week

This week the Fool of the Week is Jimmy Carter.

Once upon a time there was an unspoken courtesy that former Presidents of the United States did not bash the current President while said current President was holding office. As partisan politics have become more and more bitter, some have chosen to take the low road. It's all about them and nevermind about the country they governed.

Jimmy Carter seems hell bent on destroying any shreds left of a legacy of human rights advocate. His was a failed presidency, both domestically and internationally, and he has tried for years to be relevent on the international level. His method is to bash whomever is in office. He bashed former President Clinton and since the get-go has criticized President Bush, preferrable on foreign soil.

The latest assault on the country by Carter has occurred over the process of voting this week at the UN on Kofi Annan's proposal that the Human Rights Council be replaced by a new Commission. This would relieve the UN of the embarrassment of having countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Zimbabwe on the Human Rights Council. The new Commission doesn't seem to be much of an improvement as some of the world's worst would still be eligible for membership. Annan watered down the strict membership rules he orginally proposed to appease objections.

Ambassador John Bolton has stated the U.S. won't go along with it. Many other nations have privately raised misgivings but only the U.S. has been willing to object publicly. Poor Mr. Annan is frustrated.

So, here come Jimma. He aligns himself with the Third World bad guys against the United States. "My hope is that when a vote is taken, the other members will outvote the United States," he told the Council on Foreign Relations according to the Wall Street Journal.

There is no political dignity left for Carter. Foreign policy from his administration led to the Ayotallahs taking Iran over the Shah and fanatical Islam was firmly planted in the region. American citizens were held hostage for 444 days due to his incompetence.

He lobbied Secretary of State Rice concerning his opinion of the new Commission. From whom does he think Ambassador Bolton receives instruction on this country's official policy?

"Always do right. This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest." - Mark Twain

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Cowtown Pattie said...

Mark Twain has sage words for most any of life's little situations, doesn't he?