Friday, March 10, 2006

Frisky Friday

Just returned from a visit to the salon. My hair is lots blonder than it has ever been! Born a red head, my natural color is brown or auburn so when I started having my hair highlighted the blondness began. This time we went whole hog and it is looking great, I think. The cut is really good, too. Nothing makes me happier than having a good stylist.

Remember when we went to the beauty shop and it was beauticians working there? Ah, dating myself again.

I just saw "thousands" of illegal aliens marching in protest in Chicago of new immigration legislation that criminalizes illegal immigration and imposes fines and the like. Wow, so something illegal is criminal? What a concept.

And in this country illegal aliens feel empowered to march and protest as if their rights were the same as citizens of this country. They feel entitled to all the rights and priviledges of this country, except that pesky paperwork, I guess.

No other country on earth would allow such behavior. My stylist is first generation Vietnamese and her husband is an immigrant of Rumanian descent. People who play by the rules, or laws in this case, are not at all pleased with the illegal alien situation in this country.

God Bless America.


aka_Meritt said...

Funny... when you wrote about them marching I was thinking; "You have no right to hold your marches! This isn't even YOUR country!" ...

and then you wrote it too. LOL.

srp said...

I'm too tired to be mad. Just incredibly sad that we have gone down such a horrible path. It seems to me that this started with two main events, the outlawing of prayer in public schools and basically suggesting that those who believe that God guides and helps those who seek Him are somehow dangerous radicals. The second is the advent of opinion news and flash news instead of truth and facts and making sure before you report.

Jimmy Carter used to teach a Sunday School class in his church in Georgia. He has lost the message he was teaching... the love God has for all. The only rational explanation is Alzheimers. If Reagan had it why not Carter. His wild off the wall statements remind me a lot of how my grandmother got before we figured out what was going on.