Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thursday's Here

Ready or not, it's a new day. It is dark and lightly raining this morning. My son is trying to go to school today after being under attack from spring allergies this week. I imagine I will get a phone call later from him asking for a ride home. Poor guy.

Nice to see yesterday that Gov. Blanco and Mayor Naquin could make it for the photo ops with President Bush and Laura Bush in New Orleans. What with touring the country looking for votes and begging for more money, it must have took some calendar clearing on their part. President Bush asked Congress to get his request of $4.2 billion for homeowners to re-build in place ASAP. It's only for New Orleans. Didn't hear the big cry for the coast of Mississippi, though.

Maybe the coast of Louisiana would bounce back quicker if it really had some involved leadership on a state and local level.


Something that has been rattling around my grey matter: the grave of Casey Sheehan still has no headstone. Cindy is a jetsetting celeb with her sedition against this country and being rewarded monetarily for it but her son, in whose memory she claims to being protesting, goes without a simple headstone in the cemetery. You'd think with the $250,000 she was allotted after his death, she could have set aside some money to take care of that.

Seems that Reuters, the wire service that loves to hate the US, now has published a story that is putting Guantanamo Bay prison in a decent light. Seems the deputy head of Brussels' federal police anti-terrorism unit, a Mr. Alain Grignard, told a news conference that "prisoners' right to practice their religion, food, clothes and medical care were better than in Belgian prisons." Hmmm. I guess Dick Durbin better rush to the floor of the Senate and well up with tears about the gulags flourishing in Brussels.

The governor of Arizona has called for the state's National Guard to be placed on the border to handle the illegal immigrant situation. However, in the decree, she states they are not to be a military presence on the border. Huh? She orders them to help take care of the border patrols' vehicles, do maintence, and monitor with surveillance equipment. She doesn't state the number of National Guard soldiers to be deployed. This is the same governor that is in favor of issuing drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. Quite the politician, no?

I wish the governor of Texas would order the National Guard to our border. I want it to be a military force. Enough is enough. The crime rate continues to rise, the cases of TB continue to increase, the strain on medical facilities and government services is at crisis level.

"Courage is being scared to death - and saddling up anyway." - John Wayne

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