Monday, March 13, 2006


The guys have been hogging the computer and I don't feel ambitious enough to connect the notebook computer in the other room. But, it's all mine tomorrow for the rest of the week. I'm busy getting the guys ready for their excellent adventure together. They'll leave very early in the morning tomorrow, much to son's dismay, and head to Indiana to visit Grandma.

While there, son will receive the tour of Indiana University, located in Bloomington, also home of Grandma and where hubby was born and raised. I can't believe my son is at the age where it's time for college touring. Yikes.

We had a very pleasant evening Saturday. The food was excellent at the Indian restaurant again. We met a food editor from Food and Wine magazine there. Hubby struck up a conversation with him on our way out to the car. Hubby has never met a stranger and we never know who he'll be talking to! The editor was pitching his latest idea for a story to us to see if readers would be interested. The idea was about the trend of Indian cooking being so popular and the use of spices in the cooking having a lot to do with it. As opposed to, say, Paul Prudhomme and Cajun cooking he brought the country from New Orleans. Having lived in south Louisiana for many years, we could talk about that and the fact that Prudhomme was from Opelousas, not New Orleans. The difference in Cajun and Creole.

I like the intimacy of the theatre. Especially smallish theatres. Before the play began and at the end of the play a group of gospel singers performed and they were really good. Made you clap your hands along kind of good.

I like the theatre for the unglossiness of the experience. Live people making mistakes and the unexpected happening. They had a bit of a lighting glich towards the end of the play but the cast rolled with it.

"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?" - Vincent Van Gogh

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