Friday, March 31, 2006

Fool of the Week

This week the Fool of the Week award goes to Robert Pambello, Reagan High School Principal, Houston, Texas.

I am sure this is nothing more than a local story but it is still of note in the debate over illegal immigration. As you have probably seen on the news, cities like Houston have had student walkouts of classes all week. The students are receiving support from their parents and many school administrators. They wave the Mexican flag and shout slogans and wave placards in Spanish. They also tie up traffic and take additional police security.

Hispanic parents have been interviewed all week proudly proclaiming the students are taking a stand. The students are proud of their heritage and culture. The students are taking a stand for civil rights.

Monday, Robert Pambello raised the Mexican flag under the American flag on this school ground and did not raise the State of Texas flag as is normally done. He agreed to fly the flag to show support for his student body, predominantly Hispanic. Calls for the firing of Pambello were heard from indignant parents. HISD (Houston Independent School District, the second largest school district in the country) declined interviews. Finally yesterday something called an undisclosed reprimand was given to Mr. Pambello. No word yet if or when taxpayers will know what this reprimand is or why it is undisclosed.

Yesterday some students were arrested by Houston police for breaking a city wide curfew that says children of school age must be off the streets during school hours. Some of the students marching have been middle school children. HISD Superintendent Abelardo Saavedra says harsher punishments will be forthcoming for students who continue to march and miss class.

Tuesday the school district had to spend $5,500 for 30 busloads of students from City Hall back to three high schools. It was raining.

My son has a Mexican flag hanging on his room's door here at home. It was brought back by his dad from a business trip there. It's a pretty flag. It doesn't belong under the American flag on public property in this country.

Reagan High School was named for President Ronald Reagan. He enacted an amnesty program in 1986 which was to solve the problem and be a one time solution. It failed.


srp said...

In no other country on earth could illegals protest while waving a foreign flag and demanding rights afforded only to legal citizans. Of course this air of entitlement pervades the citizens of the US already, so why not the illegals too. We have all forgotten that following the rules and working hard are the only way to get ahead. Oh, yeah but that is because so many people have not had to live with the consequences of their actions... so why should we feel surprised they feel entitled. It is a vicious circle. Stupid principal.

aka_Meritt said...

Did you see this one this morning? Same topic... kind of.

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