Tuesday, November 02, 2010

"Americans Don't Want Coked-Up Monkeys"

John Kass, a long time Chicago journalist, writes:
It started with a near-trillion-dollar federal stimulus — including cash for a famous study on coked-up monkeys — and it got worse.

Americans didn't want coked-up monkeys. And they didn't want the White House to own General Motors.

They didn't want massive government programs like his revamping of health care. They told him they didn't like it at all those angry town hall meetings. But he didn't listen.

And he didn't listen when moderate Democrats warned him. He didn't listen as many independents became radicalized as tea party protesters.

So the White House tried to demonize the tea party. At first the Axelrodian response was to insist the tea party folks were crazy, because only lunatics would oppose an unprecedented and costly expansion of the federal leviathan, right?

When that didn't work, the tea party folks were labeled as racists. Then as fearmongers. It all failed.

So on Tuesday, the bill will be paid. But the president isn't the one picking up the check. The Democrats in Congress get stuck with this one, and it's their fault too, because they smoked the Hopium and closed their eyes and voted for his agenda.

This is the real heart of the matter. President Obama made an early decision to ram through a far left agenda beginning with a real outside issue - health care reform, or more accurately, health insurance reform - while the country was reeling from a deep recession. Instead of concentrating on job creation and working on the economy in general, he went with an issue that 80% of America was relatively happy with, that being their own health insurance coverage. And then, as some more rational Democrats began to understand the depth of unhappiness within the electorate from town hall meetings and the like, they were pressured and bribed to vote along with the other Democrats. By going along, to get along, they betrayed the people who sent them to Washington in the first place. The same is true in the House for cap and trade (cap and tax) legislation that will cripple the energy business, along with any energy user, including household energy. And, the solution of throwing money at failed stimulus programs and bail-outs broke the camel's back.

Americans have every right to be mad as hell. In 1994 during the Republican Revolution - the last big wave election - the media labeled it the votes of "angry white men". This was their way of demonizing the voter who cast a ballot for Republicans. This time it is much more than angry white men. Every demographic and group is angry and are voting in a big way. Now the elected officials who fell for whatever bribes and goodies offered in exchange for votes deeply unpopular with the American public will be out of office, come November 2.

Decisions were made because this President thinks he is more important than the voter. He thinks he is the smartest guy in the room and knows best. His baby was the health insurance reform legislation and the legacy of that. He assumed that Americans would eventually settle down and accept what he has done to 1/6 of our national economy.

He assumed wrong.

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