Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Gov Christie Explains All On Meet the Press

Some sanity entered the debate about the renewal of the sunsetting tax code enacted in the Bush administration. If not renewed, the tax rates will rise for everyone. Not just the much maligned 'rich' but for everyone. That is why the Democrats are so anxious to paint it as a class warfare issue. They love that.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was on Sunday's Meet the Press and host David Gregory did what he does - he spouted the Democratic talking points as though they were the true facts on taxes. He started in on Christie, who has strong success in New Jersey of balancing the state budget and not raising taxes in the state, by declaring the continuation of tax policy as tax cuts.

The tax code has been in place for a decade. Ten years. There is no tax cut for anyone. If Congress renews the tax policy currently in place, then tax rates simply remain the same. There are no tax cuts. For anyone.

Christie, a Republican known for his tell-it-like-it-is attitude, disagreed with Gregory’s characterization of the looming battle in Congress over the Bush years tax rate as “tax cuts.”

Christie, saying such word choice drives him “crazy,” said: “This is maintaining the current tax policy in a weak economy, and what you’re advocating through your question is…”

Gregory interrupted: “That’s not fair. I’m not advocating. I’m questioning whether or not they have to be paid for.”

Christie shot back saying the debate over taxes is not about whether to make cuts, but rather is about whether Congress wants to raise taxes during a bad economy.

This is why Christie is so popular - he is unafraid to call Democrats out on their agenda, especially those in the press. He realizes he is not in a popularity contest, he is there to lead a state out of difficult economic times. He is a confident Republican.

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