Monday, November 22, 2010

Jindal Blasts Obama Gulf Spill Response In New Book

In Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's book, Leadership and Crisis, the utter incompetence of the Obama administration's ability to deal effectively in response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill tragedy is in your face.

When Governor Jindal met President Obama on the tarmac in New Orleans two weeks after the disaster - yes, it was 2 weeks before Obama bothered to show up - he pulled Jindal aside immediately and chastised him for a letter sent to his Agriculture Secretary requesting immediate action on food stamp aid for those who would be without jobs due to the oil spill. He didn't talk about anything he was doing from Washington, he didn't talk about BP's actions, he didn't talk about anything immediately in front of them, of us as a nation answering the call of our fellow countrymen and women. No, he was torqued up about perceived slights to himself in the letter to the Agriculture Secretary. Unbelievable.

You can read it here.

The vanity is always on full display. This man in the top leadership level in our country cannot look at any issue other than how it applies to his life and himself. Does anyone remember how he took every opportunity to criticize the Katrina response and bellowed, "Never again"? Well, his own test came and he failed spectacularly.

I am grateful to Governor Jindal for writing this book and setting the record straight. I know way more about this subject than I could ever bore a reader with but suffice it to say, as the wife of an engineer in the oil drilling industry the Obama administration is hell bent on destroying Gulf coast operations. The response of the moratorium is a top example of their ideological approach to energy policy. It's politics and rewarding special interests at the expense of our nation's needs.

This book is in my to-read stack. I look forward to reading the whole story.

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