Friday, November 19, 2010

Slurpee Summit Re-Scheduled For November 30

The Obama administration rushed to grab a headline to announce a meeting with GOP leadership at the White House scheduled for Thursday, but GOP leadership said, not so fast.

So, Thursday came and went without the joint meeting. One can understand the hesitancy of Republicans to walk into another Obama ambush, as has been his history when he has bothered to meet with them at all.

Obama's spokesman, Robert Gibbs, said the meeting was put off at the request of Republican leaders in the Senate and the House of Representatives due to as scheduling conflict. In the elections Republicans won control of the House and cut the Democratic lead in the Senate.

The 'slurpee summit' will happen at a re-scheduled date, November 30.

This is the week that newly elected politicians are attending orientation and organizing for governing when they are sworn into office in January. Obama announced the joint meeting as he traveled in Asia, no doubt to tamp down the proclamations that he must now begin to work with the opposition party in Congress.

With Majority Leader Reid in the Senate stating that they just may have to work over the weekend to extend unemployment benefits yet still refusing to allow a vote on extending the tax policies of the last decade as they expire just days before the new Congress is sworn in, who sees signs of true will to work together?

Democrats have been in control of Congress since 2007. President Obama has not lived up to his promise of being a post-partisan President. He name calls and bullies instead of using the power of persuasion when the GOP opposes his policies. He, Pelosi and Reid have employed the use of closed door meetings to hash out deals on legislation.

While guardedly optimistic, you'll excuse the Republican leadership if they appear a bit skeptic about a fresh start for bi-partisanship on Capitol Hill.

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