Friday, November 19, 2010

Republican Governors Association Recognizes Three Women Winners

You probably are not aware that history was made for Hispanic American women as the first one was elected as a Governor. Susana Martinez is the newly elected Governor of New Mexico. She's a Republican so that doesn't seem to be such a big thing to the press.

The Republican Governors Association honored three women to their ranks as a result of the November elections. The Republican Governors Association spotlighted Governors-elect Nikki Haley of South Carolina, Mary Fallin of Oklahoma and Susana Martinez of New Mexico on Wednesday in a news conference designed to showcase the GOP’s diversity.

Mary Fallin is the first woman elected Governor of Oklahoma.

Nikki Haley is Indian-American, like her counterpart in Louisiana, Bobby Jindal. Jindal's election as Governor of Louisiana was historic as the first Indian-American to attain that position in our country.

All three women encouraged the audience to embrace them as politicians, not women politicians. That is refreshing, as so often our Democratic sisters tend to perpetuate the mantel of victimhood as women seeking positions of power.

While diversity was the key message the RGA looked to deliver, each of the Republicans made it clear that they won on the same issues that swept the GOP into state and federal offices across the country.

It was good to read these three women were touting their personal campaign platforms of conservative governing policies instead of capitalizing on their gender.

Well done, my sisters!

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