Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Big Union Support For Pelosi's Leadership

Following the AFL-CIO's endorsement, the SEIU provided their own. SEIU President Mary Kay Henry justified it thus:

Henry credited the California Democrat with helping to pass the healthcare reform bill. She also said the Democratic leader played a big part in stopping former President George W. Bush's proposal to privatize Social Security during his second term, and helped pass the financial regulatory reform package last year.

So, the union is as tone deaf as the Democratic leadership. Helped pass healthcare reform? Deeply unpopular with the majority of Americans and that is the fault of Pelosi herself. She allowed it to be rammed through without even reading the bill or allowing others to know what all is in it. "We have to pass the bill so you know what is in it." Backwards, to say the least, especially with 1/6 of the national economy on the line.

Stopped 'privatizing' of Social Security? Perpetuating the meme that George W. Bush proposed to gamble away the money of seniors by allowing them some control over their own money. Except, in reality, it was never for those currently on Social Security benefits. It was an option - not mandatory, as the current administration strives to do with all of its legislation - to be given to younger workers interested in taking control of a portion of their money going into their Social Security benefits. A portion, not the whole enchilada.

Helped pass the financial reform package? True. Troubling mixed results have presented themselves since that was signed into law - like increased bank fees for transactions and the elimination of a bank's ability to cover your overdrawn checking account without a charge to you, if you are a customer. Now you have to opt into the program and yes, pay a fee. Thanks for the extra dollars paid out here and there, Nancy. Not all of us are multi-millionaires. Some of us are actually aware and watching our dollars.

AFL-CIO's President Richard Trumka issued the following on behalf of the union's support of Pelosi and her bid for Minority Leader:
Trumka credited Pelosi with helping to pass healthcare and financial services reforms and said she was instrumental in securing money for renewable energy and infrastructure.

Interesting that the support of the renewable energy portion of the stimulus bill should be mentioned, given the problems that have arisen in reports recently. From The Wall Street Journal: President Obama's top advisers recommended cutting off funding for a federal loan-guarantee program meant to spur the construction of wind and solar farms and other alternative energy projects, saying taxpayer dollars might be better spent elsewhere.

But the advisers, including Mr. Obama's outgoing National Economic Council Director Lawrence Summers, energy policy czar Carol Browner and Ron Klain, chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden, warned Mr. Obama that pulling money from the program would risk antagonizing powerful allies in Congress, and would "signal the failure of a Recovery Act program that has been featured prominently by the administration," according to an Oct. 25 memorandum viewed by The Wall Street Journal.

The memo questions the logic behind subsidizing a big wind farm project in Oregon that Energy Secretary Steven Chu praised last month as "part of the administration's commitment to doubling our renewable energy generation by 2012." Mr. Chu said the federal government would provide, subject to conditions, a partial guarantee for a $1.3 billion loan for the project.

Maybe the grand pooh-bahs will get invitations to the big celebration:

Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the United States House of Representatives requests the pleasure of your company at a reception honoring the Accomplishments of the 111th Congress on Wednesday, the tenth day of November, two thousand ten at three thirty in the afternoon Cannon Caucus Room 345 Cannon House Office Building

Party on, Grandma MiMi.

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