Monday, November 22, 2010

Tea Party Dissed By Katty Kay

The liberal members of the media, which would be most of them, still do not understand the intentions of the Tea Party. After almost two years since the emergence of this grassroots, ever growing segment of our country, the guests on the chat shows who are journalists in their day jobs spout statements showing the ignorance.

Appearing as a panel member on Sunday’s syndicated Chris Matthews Show, the BBC’s Katty Kay suggested that Tea Partiers are willing to go against the "country’s interest" rather than to "deal" with President Obama. Kay: "And if there is going to be a wing of the Republican Party that says, do not on any issue, on any case, even on its merits, compromise with the President, it’s gonna be the Tea Party. And if the Tea Party is driving the energy in the Republican Party ... Republicans in Congress are going to have to look very carefully at how they deal with them. And the Tea Party is saying we don’t care about whether it’s in the country’s interest, in our foreign policy interest, in our economic interest necessarily to deal with the President."

You see, to the likes of Katty Kay, if you oppose Barack Obama, you are not operating for the good of your country. Funny, I don't remember this sort of sentiment from her when George W. Bush was President and smiling as she reported on demonstrations and rallies against his policies. Maybe I just don't properly remember the eight Bush years.

I don't consider myself a member of the Tea Party. I am a Republican. I do, however, fully embrace the Tea Party to join in with the Republicans in providing an alternative to the Democratic leadership in Washington. I've never been to a Tea Party rally but I've cheered them on as I've watched the press coverage.

The Tea Party movement is comprised of mostly newly active people in the realm of politics. Whether it was the attacks of 9/11/01 or the bail-outs in Washington, huge numbers of ordinary Americans from all walks of life have taken the steps to get involved. It's not easy to do, as a person starts out in the political process. It is a bit of sticking one's neck out and hoping it doesn't get chopped off.

The reason for the Tea Party, though, is a bit of common sense that those like Miss Kay fail to understand. It is for the good of the country, as they see it, not towards the demise of the country that they take to the streets in rallies and marches and protests. It is not against Barack Obama personally. It is against the policies of the far left that he moves forward.

This is America at her best.

Ordinary Americans boldly joining in with like-minded friends and neighbors to make their demands known to the elected officials in charge. It is invigorating to political junkies and long time participants in the process. Ordinary Americans embracing little read or thought about American documents like the Constitution or the Bill of Rights? What is better than that for the health of our nation? Discussions revolving around the lives of the Founding Fathers and the accomplishments of our young nation are music to my ears.

I have long lamented the absence of Civics class in today's school curriculum. I cringe when a bit is filmed on a late night comedy show as the person on the street fails a pop quiz on the names of elected officials - whether it is the Vice President or a Supreme Court Justice or even Speaker of the House. It is a disgrace to those who fought and lost their lives for our freedoms today. I want voters to know how a bill becomes law, how the Census affects everyone, the importance of simply voting - in every election. I do not celebrate ignorance or complacency.

So, my opinion would be the mirror opposite of Katty Kay's. I believe it is in the country's best interests to speak up when those in Washington ride off without consideration for the basics of our Constitution or little caution shown in the spending of taxpayer dollars. They work for us, those folks in Washington. They are hired when they win an election. That's how it works.

Take notes, Katty Kay.

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