Thursday, November 04, 2010

Happy Birthday, Laura Bush

Today is the birthday of former First Lady Laura Bush. A woman of true grace and dignity, she represented our country with some sorely missed decorum and class.

Remember when we had a First Lady in the White House who truly understood history and the greatness of our country? An educated woman who read and encouraged learning to millions of school children and adults alike?

Remember when we had First Ladies who worked for education and literacy legislation? Remember when we had a First Lady who fought for women around the world, so that little girls had access to schools and women in Arab countries had access to female-specific health care?

We never heard Laura Bush utter such an insulting statement as that she was only 'really proud' of our country because her husband was running for President. Or playing into racial politics. Or belittling the other side of the aisle on the campaign trail.

Sometimes change isn't so good.

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