Thursday, November 04, 2010

Obama Holds A Rare Press Conference On Election Results

President Obama said Wednesday during a rare press conference that the Democrats took a "shellacking" on mid-term election night. That would be a fair assessment of the situation from his side of the aisle.

Still in shock, obviously, and looking to control anger with jaw clinches and finger jabs in the air as the White House press corps asked questions, the severity will take a bit of time for it to sink in for him. Still in ideological denial, he stated that he doesn't really believe that his agenda is too liberal for the majority of Americans. It just may be impossible for him to shed his tunnel vision.

Obama appeared to be a bit subdued as he answered questions. There is no humility in the man's character so that is about as good as he gets. He still believes that it was only the high unemployment rate that was his demise. Mostly Obama looked annoyed that he was being questioned about his policies.

Obama gave lip service to a desire to work with Republicans though he also said he isn't willing to scrap the health care/insurance reform legislation he jammed down the throats of Americans, thus guaranteeing his massive loss in the House of Representatives. He doesn't grasp that his policies are not wanted by most voters.

Obama did say he is open to negotiation for extending the Bush tax policy that is up for renewal so that Americans do not have a huge tax increase. Democrats like to say it is a tax cut but it is tax policy - the tax rates have been in effect for 10 years now and no one will receive a tax cut. The rates either remain the same or they will be allowed to expire and taxes will go up. For everyone.

Obama said he will drop his pursuit of cap and trade legislation. That is a step in the right direction. Do we really want to make CO2 a pollutant? It is hideously ignorant of EPA to pursue that silly line of thought in policy. Also, the legislation punishes manufacturing and production, thus a jobs killer, which is the last thing this country needs with record level unemployment.

The top benefit for this nation from the mid-term election results is that now Obama has to either work with Republicans and their ideas or continue to face electoral disaster as 2012 approaches. Gone is his time of selfish pursuit of a far left legacy.

Tuesday's results mean Mr. Obama no longer has the luxury of jamming through legislation solely with his party's support. A week after saying it was "time to punish our enemies," the president will have to find ways to reach common ground with them. In yesterday's press conference, the president mentioned earmarks and energy policy as two places to start.

President Obama brought on the worst thumping a party has received since the middle of the 20th century by offending America's conservative instincts. The public has spoken. Now it's up to the Republicans to deliver.

Gone is the time of one party rule in Washington and that is a good thing for everyone.

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