Saturday, November 06, 2010

German Opinion Of Obama Sours

In the city of Berlin, the city where candidate Obama held the pompous, over the top rally before the Presidential election ever occurred so that Europeans would think of him as Presidential material, the opinions of Obama are not so swooning in nature. Looks like the European press is a bit more 'eyes wide open' over Barack Obama than their American counterparts are willing to be.

Several German opinion-makers were clear that the election was more of a referendum on the president, who comes across as "cold, arrogant, and elitist," and less of an endorsement of the Republicans and their policies. There is widespread agreement in the editorial pages that Obama failed to make the case for his administration's accomplishments, a fact that he himself has acknowledged.

The center-left Süddeutsche Zeitung writes: "Two years ago his vision inspired voters. Today the same man often sounds strangely bloodless. Back then his cool, self-assured composure impressed many, now the same character comes across as cold, arrogant, even elitist. The right may well put on a shrill rough performance, and stand in the media spotlight. However, this president was never going to win votes on the right anyway. Obama's historic victory in 2008 was created by the middle of American society -- the independent voters and the suburbanites. It is this center that has abandoned him."

Germans wildly applauded a celebrity style Presidential campaigner in Barack Obama. What they see now is President Obama. He has divided Americans as never before. Unable to fulfill his promises to be the post-racial, post-partisan President, the personal arrogance is front and center.

For the world to see.

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