Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Meal of First Family No Healthy Example

Here's the thing: If your agenda is to travel around spouting off about healthy eating, maybe your own family's holiday menu should reflect that. Knowing that the First Family will have their menu published, why not lead by example?

Too many appetizers to bother listing.

Kick-off the main event with:


And then some Ham

And a choice of stuffings:

Cornbread Stuffing or

Oyster Stuffing

Or WTH have both.

Then some Greens naturally.

And, of course, Sweet Potatoes.

And it would be anti-American not to have Mashed Potatoes.

And don't forget the Green Bean Casserole.

Oh, and a mountain of Macaroni and Cheese too.

And, to be polite, unlimited Dinner Rolls.

Well, at least greens were listed. We all know that green bean casserole doesn't' count as a vegetable. This menu is starch heaven, though.

And, then, the pies. Not just one or two, as most families enjoy. We have a truck load here:

Apple Pie (Michigan's a battleground state, you know) and

Pumpkin Pie (it's patriotic) and

Banana Cream Pie to cleanse the palate for

Cherry Pie and

Huckleberry Pie and

The Main Man's Fave: Sweet Potato Pie.

Six, count 'em, six different pies, folks. Wow.

Just seems like if healthy eating is the premiere issue for Michelle Obama, she should try a bit harder in her own life.

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