Tuesday, November 16, 2010

RNC Wants to Implement Evaluation Form For Chairman

A new purity test in the form of 'how competent are you, anyway?' is in the works for the next RNC chairman. According to this report, the RNC has figured out a new way to shoot itself in the foot.

The process is scheduled to wind up with the full membership using the evaluation form - a first in RNC history - to grade each candidate's ability to provide convincing evidence that he or she can promote unity among tea party, economic, social and defense conservatives, support the party's conservative platform, raise large sums of money and manage effectively and promote the party, its candidates and philosophy.

An evaluation form? Really? Will there be clipboards and pens issued so that everyone can choose from column A and column B? Has the GOP learned nothing about the perils of purity tests and the failure that occurs when everyone is expected to fit into a tidy little box?

How is a big tent strategy to be implemented with the new chairman if purity tests are in place for the top position? And, who gets to make the final judgements anyway? So far only those who previously ran for the position have announced a challenged to Michael Steele or are said to be considering making a challenge. While Steele has been in the chairmanship, the GOP has seen historic wins. Granted, the GOP benefited from the enthusiasm of the Tea Party and the GOP is a natural home for fiscal conservatives, but Steele embraced the Tea Party and supported the movement.

Purity tests don't work. They create friction where none needs be. To expect a group of people to recite goals and strategy exactly as they are expected to fit into a certain type of box is unrealistic. And, a political party needs many voices and ideas to survive. At a time when the GOP has a real shot at making this election into the first cycle of a two cycle election period on the way to a GOP majority in Washington, D.C., now is not the time to splinter us. Now is the time for everyone to pull together and work for the change the voters wanted.

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