Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Houston Chronicle Tweets About Perry Book Tour

This is the tweet on Twitter that caught my attention:

TxPotomac Houston Chronicle DC "The Rick Perry national victory tour continues with unlikely appearances on Jon Stewart's show and Eliot Spitzer's... "

The article referenced is a recap of Governor Perry's appearance on The Daily Show. Why the Houston Chronicle's political blog thinks the appearance is "unlikely" is anyone's guess. There is also a fleeting reference to Perry's appearance on Client #9's television show, too.

The reason for the description may be because in the mindset of leftists, the world is a swell little vacuum. People promoting products, like books, however, have to reach out to all segments of the reading population. In the world of the political left, FOX News, for instance, is off limits. FOX News channel allows both conservative and liberal points of view to be spoken. And FOX News channel also allows more than one token conservative voice at a time if the panel consists of more than two people, unlike any other network or broadcast channel. Interesting that FOX News channel is kicking the rear end of every other cable station, right? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the appeal.

In a country of 40% conservatives, 20% liberals and the rest self-identify as independents, it only makes sense that the days of only one point of view are dead. Good riddance to them.

Why in the world would Rick Perry limit his audience, thus potential book buyers?

Former President George W. Bush began his week of publicity for his book with an interview with Matt Lauer, and today goes to Oprah. Both of these interviews conducted by liberals and both will reach large audiences. Conservatives continue to go to all quarters. Democrats do the silly such as boycotting a network - FOX News, for instance, during the last presidential campaign. How progressive!

And the "victory tour" crack about Perry's book tour? The Houston Chronicle endorsed Bill White for Governor over Rick Perry.

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