Friday, November 12, 2010

Obama Trip Plagued By Protesters And No So Korea Love

Not only has the President escaped some very bad news after the devastating mid-term elections to his agenda, now his own Democrats have begun to break rank and speak out, too:

Tuesday’s losses have left high-level Democrats feeling freer to open up about White House missteps over the past two years — complaints that were repressed when Obama was strong but now are being aired as clues to his team’s isolation as he tries to regain command of the capital after his midterm thrashing.

Remember when Barack Obama was elected President and we were told over and over again that the world would now love us since the evil George W. Bush was no longer in office, pushing his agenda of freedom and strength?

Well, Obama and entourage are on a grand adventure in India which conveniently allows him to escape all the bad press he is receiving after his election "shellacking". If he thought it would be smooth sailing in India, he was mistaken.

I'm using a quote from the Hindustan Times - not a normal publication on my reading list:

Left party leaders on Sunday said their plans were on to hold country-wide protests Monday while US President Barack Obama is in New Delhi, but declined to give details.

Basudeb Acharia, leader of the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) parliamentary party, told IANS that the Left parties have called for protests all over the country to demand the "extradition of Warren Anderson (the former chief of Union Carbide) and to protest against American attempts to enter the agricultural and retail sectors in India".

Protests all over the country to voice anger from the left over potential trade deals between India and America? Well, what do you know. Has the Obama infatuation bubble burst as far away as India? It seems so. While in India, Obama praised Ghandi, who is only nominally respected in the modern world. Does he not see the ridiculous pandering of calling Ghandi a "hero" while history clearly shows him responsible for the murder of millions and for today's Pakistan - the segregation of Muslims from India?

Then it was off to Indonesia where he continued to jeopardize our strong friendship with Israel. It is as though Obama doesn't understand the power of the podium, especially overseas.

His most recent example of amateur incompetence occurred after a full hour of talking with the Chinese leadership and coming away empty-handed over the issue of the value of their currency and our ballooning debt to them. In South Korea for the G-20 conference, he also managed to blow the agreement long planned and all but finished except for the signatures between South Korea and America on a trade agreement. Obama decided to add his own touches to it and the South Koreans didn't exactly swoon over the arrogance and disrespect.

The world leaders are not impressed with Obama, at the least unwilling to commit to alliances and trade agreements.

When Team Obama returns from their grand adventure overseas they will find the anger is still here. Democrats are fed up and he pleases no one trying to flip and flop about on decisions of policy. He is a man without core principles and fortitude to be true to them. He appears weak and wishy washy.

If Barack Obama is to rescue his presidency after stunning losses on November 2, he must decide how he will lead. Does he understand that liberalism has been dealt a death sentence or does he stubbornly pursue his agenda against the wishes of the majority of Americans?

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