Saturday, November 13, 2010

The GOP As Party Of No Meme

What will the narrative be for the newly elected majority party of the House of Representatives now that the GOP has won it? Previously, we were told that the GOP was solely interested in being the Party of No. We were told it was pure politics. We were told that the GOP never bothered to put forward their ideas to solve the problems of the nation.

This would like to plant the seed of cynicism in the reader that the GOP met behind closed doors - as the administration does - and decided to be the Party of No. Remember that both AP and Yahoo news outlets lean strongly left in reporting narratives.

"By sticking together in principled opposition to policies we viewed as harmful, we made it perfectly clear to the American people where we stood. And we gave voters a real choice," said Mitch McConnell, the Senate's GOP leader from Kentucky. "As Democrats governed left, Republicans stood together time and again, making the case for conservative alternatives."

I would argue that the party of no meme is simply politics at a basic level. That is what the minority does, if it is doing its job - they oppose the majority. The difference this time around was that the groundswell of Tea Party support made the job of Republicans in Congress far easier than in recent years. With the public support out there at town hall meetings and political rallies, etc., GOP elected officials realized that the public was fed up and expected them to do the work they were sent to do. They became the Party of Hell, No!, not just No.

I don't recall the news media's reporting on the efforts of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi as the leaders of the Party of No when George W. Bush was President. Funny. Back then it was normal behavior. Now it is so novel that it must be reported on, it must be cast as nefarious behavior. Those evil Republicans, they are scheming in meetings to bring forward their own agenda!

Republicans have put forth idea after idea but they are either ignored or ridiculed by the party in power. The President, who ran on the premise of bi-partisanship, even flatly told the GOP - John McCain in particular - during the lone summit held for both parties to work together on health care reform ideas that he won the election. I know McCain must have been appreciative for the news flash. I served to show how petty and vain the president is in the process.

The newly-elected GOP majority in the House of Representatives will be a counterbalance to the runaway arrogance living in the halls of power in Washington, D.C. The new battle is for 2012.

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