Wednesday, January 27, 2016

United Republicans of Harris County Release Endorsement Slate

The endorsements in contested Republican primary races are out from United Republicans of Harris County.  Here they are:

President of the United States: Due to the large number of candidates, we leave it up to the voters to decide.
U.S. Representative, District 7: John Culberson
U.S. Representative, District 8: Kevin Brady...
U.S. Representative, District 18: Sharon Joy Fisher
U.S. Representative, District 29: Julio Garza
Tx Supreme Court Justice Pl 3: Debra Lehrmann
Tx Supreme Court Justice Pl 5: Paul Green
Tx Supreme Court Justice Pl 9: Eva Guzman
State Rep House Dist 127: Dan Huberty
State Rep House Dist 128: Wayne Smith
State Rep House Dist 130: Tom Oliverson
State Rep House Dist 134: Sarah Davis
Railroad Commissioner: John Greytok & Lance Christian
14th Court of Appeals Dist Pl 2: Kevin Jewell
Court of Criminal Appeals Pl 2: Mary Lou Keel
Court of Criminal Appeals Pl 5: Sid Harle
Court of Criminal Appeals Pl 6: Michael E. Keasler
125th Judicial District Court: L.A. Olson
151st Judicial District Court: Jeff Hastings
178th Judicial District Court: Phil Gommels & Nile Bailey Copeland
339th Judicial District Court: Mary McFaden
County Civil Court at Law 1 Clyde Leuchtag
County Attorney: Chris Carmona
Harris County Sheriff: Ron Hickman & Carl Pittman
Harris Co Tax Assessor Collector: Mike Sullivan
Harris Co School Trustee Pos 1 Prec 2: George Moore
Harris Co School Trustee Pos 2 Prec 4: Danell Fields
Harris Co Commissioner Prec 3: Steve Radack
Harris Co Justice of the Peace Prec 4 Pl 1: Lincoln Goodwin
Harris County Constable Prec 4: Mark Herman
Harris County Constable Prec 5: Ted Heap
Harris County Constable Prec 6: Robert Lozano
Harris Co Republican Party Chair: Paul Simpson

United Republicans of Harris County (URHC) does not take payment in exchange for endorsements from candidates.  URHC Board of Directors spend many hours voluntarily researching and interviewing all contested GOP primary races.  Interviews are conducted with all Republican candidates wishing to secure the endorsement of URHC - both by questionnaire and in person.

Early voting is February 16, 2016 to February 26, 2016.  The primary election is March 1, 2016.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Marco Rubio Expresses His Faith In The Most Compelling Way Possible

In a recent campaign stop, GOP presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio was asked a question about faith and governing by a young voter professing to be an Atheist.  Showing grace and compassion, Rubio gave a compelling answer.  Faith guides many of us when we head to the polls to vote.  Here is why that is important:

Beautifully explained with real sincerity, this candidate doesn't pander for votes using his faith.  He simply lives his faith and leads by example.