Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Christian Peacemaker Teams

Four "human rights workers" are being held hostage in Baghdad. They are members of a group called Christian Peacemaker Teams. The mission of the group is to "get in the way" on behalf of violence reduction. They have been in Iraq since October 2002, according to the website. These four are not young, idealist college students. They are grown adults. One American, Tom Fox, age 54 from Clearbrook, Virginia, and One Brit, Norman Kember, age 74 from London. I am quite sure that the American and British forces in Iraq would like to send them a thank you bouquet for all their assistance. Also held are two Canadians, James Loney, 41 from Toronto and Harmeet Singh Sooden, 32, an electrical engineer studying for a masters degree in English literature in Auckland, New Zealand.

To illustrate the thoughts of this group, on the website's statement about the hostage taking, they state they are angry because it is the fault of America and the British government, due to the governments "illegal" attack on Iraq and the occupation and oppression of the Iraqi people. So, blame America for the evil in the world. Same old theme. I guess it was peace and sunshine under Saddam Hussein for the Iraqi people. put up an anti-war ad at Thanksgiving time. All pulling at the heartstrings about how many families would not have loved ones around the table due to evil Bush. They used pictures of soldiers in Iraq at a food table to illustrate the holiday meal. Unfortunately, the soldiers were British soldiers, not American. Oops. The uniforms are different, guys.

Cindy Sheehan, on the paid lecture circuit to capitalize on the death of her son in Iraq, was scheduled to speak at The State University College at Oneonta last night. She asked for $11,000 as compensation for a speech to last an hour in a ballroom with the capacity for 800 people. Only after some students complained about the fee coming out of the lecture budget, paid for from student activity fees, did the College Union Activities Council book Lt. Col. Scott Rutter, now retired from the Army after leading a mechanized infantry battalion into Baghdad, to give a multimedia presentation entitled "A Soldier's Story". His presentation includes hundreds of photos from the front lines in Iraq during the 2003 fight for Baghdad. He was booked to give his presentation in Hunt Union Square, with a 75 person capacity. The lectures were free to students, with a $3 price for members of the public. The College Union Activities Council paid for advertisement in the local newspaper for the Sheehan speech. No advertising for Lt. Col. Rutter. Lt. Col. Rutter was awarded the Silver Star for leading 850 men into combat during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Lt. Col. Rutter was to be paid $600 for his presentation.

Today is the official last day of hurricane season. This year there have been a record 26 named storms. Enough already. New Orleans Mayor Ray Naquin held a town meeting style get together at a local church Sunday afternoon here in town. Evacuees were encouraged to come home and help rebuild the city. Of course there is still no electricity and water in many parts of the city, especially the 9th ward where most of these evacuees were living. It is debatable if the lower 9th ward will ever be rebuilt. He said soon angry demonstrators will march on state and federal offices to demand help. What, no marches on city hall, mayor? But don't worry, he is now guaranteeing free high speed internet citywide. OK, then. Why worry about shelter and jobs. That's someone else's job.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Berenstain Bears

Stan Berenstain, along with his wife Jan, wrote over 200 children's books. He has passed away at the age of 82.

My son and I spent many, many bedtime story hours reading the Berenstain Bears book series. Mostly paperback bound and therefore not very expensive, they contained good lessons for children about values and morals nicely wrapped up in a fun story.

Thanks for the good memories, Stan.

Joe's the Man

Joe Lieberman is today's hero. Read his op ed piece in today's Wall Street Journal for some first hand knowledge of what is going on in Iraq as we press on there. He has returned from his 4th trip to Iraq and tells of the progress and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, there is still lots that needs to happen there. But each day as the microphone hogging bat shit crazy left continues to escalate completely bogus and harmful rhetoric, they prove to be more and more irrelevant. They think it is a winning political strategy for 2006 and then 2008. Good luck with that. Joe Lieberman, a former candidate for Vice President, is a lone voice of reason on the Democrat side. He remains true to himself and his country's military service members. Those so quick to use inflammatory language, such as "he lied" or "he inflated the intelligence information" should really look in the mirror.

The Christmas cards I ordered came in the mail yesterday. I had to order them as I refuse to send out cards that simply say "happy holidays" or "season's greetings". It's CHRISTMAS! All of the hubbub to be so sensitive to everyone on the planet is taking its toll this year. No one wets the bed if a menorrah is placed for all to see, but a creche, well, call the ACLU. Christmas is a federal holiday and we are a nation of over 80% Christians. My husband and I do not go to church regularly and are not wackos, but come on. No Salvation Army bell ringers in front of Target. I am so disappointed in Target. I am an almost weekly shopper at the one close to our house. Looks like that will change. WalMart is letting the Salvation Army have extra days to make up for what they'll lose from in front of Target. Consumers speak with their wallets as far as store loyalty goes. As I said during Ramadan, do you think the school announcements will wish the students a Merry Christmas as they did a Happy Ramadan? Really irritates me.

We had the heater on last night. Finally had another cold night. It is back into the 70's today and sunny. Really nice.

And, no, the dry cleaners have not found son's trousers. I am not holding my breath. I have to send him to school with a note explaining the unfortunate disappearance of the JROTC trousers so they can order him another pair. He doesn't pay for the original uniform but I guess we'll have to pay for the replacement pair. Yuk. This is his last year for JROTC. He mainly went into it as an alternative to PE course credit but he has enjoyed it for the most part.

Onward and upward.

Monday, November 28, 2005

What If?

What if you had a recently published book and a book signing was set up for you. And no one came?
Ask Cindy Sheehan how it feels!

Good To Be Back

Sometimes I just need a little break to rest up and prepare for the routine again. The past few days have been decadent that way and I was loving it. Alas, it's Monday and reality calls.

We saw a movie again yesterday. We went to see "Walk the Line", the story of Johnny and June Carter Cash. It was really good. The man was a legend in his own time. And he would have never done it all without June. Really strong performances by Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon.

I am trying to get the hearth and front room cleaned up to do all the holiday decorating. We have a very large fireplace and hearth so sometimes it ends up collecting stuff as we come in the front door and throw things there. I had hoped to start over the weekend, but I was enjoying being a slug.

So, a switchboard operator was caught on tape admitting to an angry CNN viewer that the X placed on VP Cheney's face during his live speech last Monday was intentional. After CNN claimed all last week it was just an honest glitch in the system. Gee, I'm shocked. Unfortunately only the switchboard operator has been fired. It would be interesting to see how far up the food chain the decision to editorialize the speech would lead, though.

Saddam's trial receives another delay. Good. Stretch it out as long as possible to remind everyone that he is getting his day in court. Ramsey Clark, former Attorney General, is now on the defense team. Old leftists never learn. The man is 77 years old and only looking for headlines. He was never a good attorney or a respected legal mind. He had to persuade his father to retire from the Supreme Court so he could take the Attorney General job without conflict of interest. What a guy. It's all about Ramsey. He is a founding member of ANSWER, a splinter group of the Socialist party now.

March of the Penguins comes out in DVD tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing it. No one around here will go to the theatre to see it with me so I'll watch it at home. More comfortable that way, anyway.

The Washington Post published a poll showing 70% of the American people think Democrat's criticism of the strategy of the war in Iraq think it hurts the soldiers' morale. Well, that's a real news flash. Apparently only the media and the ivory tower elites think it's ok to bash your country's leadership and policies during a time of war. Saying the president lied and beefed up intelligence is getting real live American soldiers killed overseas but I guess that pales in comparison to sound bites for re-election.

A piece of the Supreme Court building fell this morning. No one was hurt. Holy falling marble, Batman!

Son saw Harry Potter movie with friends over the holiday. He was disappointed with it. His first real experience of a movie not living up to the book.

And now I have to go back to the dry cleaner's to explain that one pair of trousers is missing from our order. I stopped by and picked up the clothes this morning after taking son to school to get the errand out of the way. It's Monday all righty. I hope the pants aren't lost as they are the ones from son's JROTC uniform that he'll need Wednesday.

It's always something...

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Take A Breath

It's important to just stop and take a breath sometimes. We have so much to be grateful for living in this country. Don't believe me? Leave our borders and go anywhere. You'll come back a changed person. We are a blessed people here and take so much for granted. Reflection is good for the soul.

Baking today so I can devote time to the dinner tomorrow. Just the three of us this year so no stress, just making a fine, big meal. Turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, corn, green beans, sweet potatoes and rolls. Then pumpkin pie for dessert. It'll be great.

Some things are a tradition of us. The cranberry sauce comes out of a can with ridges on it. The gravy is from a jar. The sweet potatoes are baked with marshmellows on top. And the rolls are from a can. I'm not Martha Stewart and I get no complaints!

If you are travelling, count to ten. Many times. I hope everyone has lots to eat, loved ones to enjoy and thankful hearts.

Gobble, gobble.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Another Shot Heard Around the World

Do you remember what you were doing when the news spread that President Kennedy was shot in his motorcade in Dallas? I was a second grade student at Creswell Elementary School in Shreveport, Louisiana. I remember an announcement was made by our teacher. Her voice was somber yet not panicy as she did not want to alarm us. We were so young, we really didn't understand what was going on. Or why the adults were so upset.

We were dismissed early from school that day. I went home with my first grader sister and we went into the den, as usual, to check out what was on tv. Our housekeeper, a big, black, friendly,woman with a normally smiling face, was sitting on the couch crying. She was watching the newscast about the shooting. By this time the president was pronounced dead. We asked her why she was crying and she just pulled us to her and hugged us. Then she explained that the president was dead and it made her very sad that someone could be so bad as to shoot the president of the United States.

Bea was a kind and gentle giant of a woman who called many children, though technically not her own, her children. She was brought into our home when my youngest sister was born. She was with us for many years until she finally had to retire due to health concerns. My father, ahead of his time, always insisted on paying her social security taxes and provided her with health care assistance. She was a part of the family. She came to us after she raised another families children. They were grown and she wanted to help another family. She would talk to us about her "high blood" and not feeling well some days. She taught my youngest sister to eat sugar on her rice. My sister still to this day puts sugar on her rice. Bea told her to so she does. My sister today is 43!

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Still loving the cold mornings. Except getting out of my warm bed part of it. My sinuses are appreciative.

All set to begin preparing food for the big feast. I just have to remember to run out for a few extra cans of cat food for Beauregard and Oreo to make it into the weekend. I don't want to be anywhere near a grocery store after this morning for a few days.

Looks like hubby won't be going to his "Stan" country until the first week of December. Bummer. I hope now that he doesn't screw up the Christmas plans. With MIL coming down, I am seriously counting on him being here. He frequently misses out on holidays at home due to work travels but not usually when we have company coming. Stress.

Son is psyched. XBOX 360 is out now and he is getting one from Santa. We pre-ordered it and have no idea when it will ship but he is just happy knowing it will be here eventually. It's a big purchase, I know, but he is an only child and the only person we make a fuss over at Christmas. And no, he doesn't act like a spoiled brat after all these years of being doted on by his parents. He is a very good kid. His heart is as big as, well, Texas!

And on the political front, I read an interesting article from Investor's Business Daily that was referenced by Opinion Journal, that reports Rep. John Murtha may be under a House ethics committee investigation for improprieties. This, some believe, is why he made the big brouhaha last week about the immediate withdrawal of troops in Iraq. To divert away from the ethics committee investigation and to have people say he was being investigated as retaliation for his speech. The investigation was already in the works. Murtha has a brother who is a lobbyist and senior partner at KSA Consulting. A nonpartisan watchdog group has criticized Murtha for using the Pentagon spending bill to give business to his brother. The LA Times reported in June that Murtha funneled nearly $21 million to 10 or more corporate clients of KSA Consulting. Coincidence? Hmmm.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Thanks for Thanksgiving Week

Ah yes, a cold autumn morning to remind us it is Thanksgiving week after all. It'll be in the upper 70's by weeks end but we can enjoy the cooler weather while it lasts.

Saturday night we watched two movies on HBO - That "Fockers" movie and "Racing Stripes". Both were pretty funny and good escapes. We ordered pizza and of course, wings for son, and had major relaxation time. Nice.

How about that vote on Friday night in the House of Reps? Immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq? It was great, even Murtha didn't support his own idea. Now he wants to back off it and say he just wanted to open dialogue on the subject. Yeah. Imagine if you had a son or loved one in Iraq and had to listen to these vain rantings about the mistakes that have been made and we can't win militarily. It is time to dust off the Sedition Act of 1918, if you ask me. Our troops in Iraq have not lost a single military exercise. Yes, mistakes have been made. Leaders and soldiers are human beings. Changes in strategy can be welcomed without all this bloviating about lies, losses and weaknesses. We are at war. It is time for unification of voices to the enemy, which is by the way, not our own government, that they will not win this war. America has always risen to challenges that threatened our way of life. If you are someone who believes in human rights and free ways of life, you are supportive of everyone having those rights. Not just this country. We cannot stick our heads in the sand and act as if only we would be nice, everyone would love us. This war began in 1993 with the first bombing of the World Trade Center. There was no response there, except to arrest the terrorist and treat it as a simple legal matter. How did that work out in the grand scheme of things?

Son has plans to meet some old friends at the movies Friday afternoon. They are seeing the new Harry Potter movie. I wish I was going. I have to admit I get a little nostalgic about the fact that we read the first few Potter books together, as son was younger then, and enjoyed the first movies together. Sniff.

Gotta get moving. Need to run some errands this morning before things get too crowded out there.


Friday, November 18, 2005

I've Been Waiting All Week

And now Friday is finally here. No school next week, the boy gets the whole week off, so it'll be relaxing until the end of the week when hubby packs for trip, leaving Friday. Gathering up all his warm clothes as it's cold where he's going.

Max the dog got his dope this morning disguised in cheese, as usual. He does love cheese, that dog. Speaking of dogs, the weatherman last night said it would be "a two dog night". All righty then. We only have the one dog, maybe sleeping husband counts. He and the dog both snore, I know that.

The city of Houston has installed the first of the new revenue making cameras at the stop lights. So far only downtown. I thought they would be on top of the stop light but they aren't. They are mounted to a pole off to the side of the street and they look, at first glance, like a birdhouse. A birdhouse with 4 camera windows on it. They are giving a 30 day probation period now until the end of the year. Only warnings will be issued if you go through a red light. After the first of the year, the tickets will fly. Directly to your mailbox. Let the fun begin.

The pre-holiday re-arranging of stuff has begun. Gotta get some rooms cleaned out, like the dining room, and ready for the upcoming days. It's a good incentive to fill up the trash cans and pare down around here. We seem to collect junk at record speed.

Max the dog update - they are now home. Hubby and dog both survived the trip. Gave Max a treat and he is sleeping off the buzz. It's too early in the day for hubby to enjoy a buzz so he'll have to wait for the cocktail hour tonight!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Posted a new piece on Dew on the Kudzu. Check it out! You can use the button on this page.

Gas today: $2.05/gallon

We have used the heater for 2 nights in a row now! Yea!

Bought a Luther VanDross cd "Home for Christmas" today. I love the bargain bin! Last year it was an Elvis Christmas cd. That one went directly to son. Luther we are sharing for now. Son doesn't appreciate it when I start the Stevie Wonder style sway when we listen to "What the World Needs Now." Kids. One time we were checking out our purchases at Borders and one was a Green Day cd for my son. The college age cashier told my son his mom is Jamming for buying it for him. That really grossed out my son!

Hubby takes Max the dog to the vet for his semi annual shots in the morning. Great way to spend a day off, n'cest pas? What a fun trip for both of them. We tranquilize Max a bit so he doesn't freak out so much when they give him the vaccine that goes up his nose. Hubby usually tranquilizes himself after a vet visit!

O.K., I'm done. For now.

Thursday Treat

Benjamin Franklin: the Many Talents of an American Patriot

Birth to a humble life let him see how the world worked from the bottom,
Entering the world of high society let him see the view from above,
Nevertheless, he could always see the right path.
Joining the world of press at only fifteen,
Advising the world behind a mask
Marking himself from there.
Inspired to achieve more
Never giving up.

From Boston to Philadelphia, he continued to work for change
Ringing the bells of change in the ears of the country.
A few simple words were all he used to inspire,
Needing only wit and a pen to play the sage.
Kindling American values in our hearts,
Lighting them into an internal flame.
Inspiring others with his words,
Never truly forgotten.

Written by my son, age 16, for an AP English II course. The assignment was pre-assigned in relationship with a DAR competition.

My kid rocks.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I Didn't Win It

I didn't win the $315 million mega million last night. I had plans, I tell you. Some lucky soul in California did, though. Good for them. Next time...

Senator Jay Rockefeller said on Fox News Sunday that he met with leaders in Syria, Russia and Saudi Arabia in 2002, before the invasion into Iraq. He said he told these leaders that he was convinced President Bush was planning to go to war with Iraq, no matter what came about. Treasonous activity by a US Senator? Yeah, but you know, Bush lied so it doesn't matter. Elected officials every single day can't wait to jump to a microphone and state that Bush is a liar and they were not given the right information to vote on the war in Iraq. They were tricked, I tell you. Bush lied, they are not accountable for votes or speeches on the floor of the senate pre-war going back to the days of the Clinton administration. Lest we forget that Clinton was the one who made regime change the policy of this country toward Iraq. But Bush lied. Time for Jay Rockefeller to be indicted and go before a judge to explain himself.

Looks like Bob Woodward himself from the Washington Post talked of the identity of Valerie Plame one month before Scooter Libby was documented on speaking about her to a reporter. Hmmm. Isn't that an interesting development. Woodward spent several hours before Fitzgerald, according to the press account, and 'splained himself.

Warm Inside Wednesday

Cold here today! It'll only be around 60 degrees for a high temp today. WooHoo.

I have many streams of thought running around my little brain this morning. So many thoughts, so little cohesiveness. I could use a little ADD medication today!

So, the US Senate yesterday voted to do a one year windfall profits tax on Big Oil (cue up the dark and menacing theme music). This was the climax of the entertaining panel last week comprised of the CEO's of the 5 major oil producers for this country. The senators were trying their best to beat up on these men for running profitable companies for their stockholders. And, horror of horrors, they also pulled down large salaries and bonuses. Wow, you would think we lived in a free market system or something. Does anyone really think this new tax, on top of all the other taxes paid for oil, will only be a one year done deal? And, guess what this will do to the price of oil. Bring it down? Ha, good one! This stuff is always passed on to the consumer. Now that an election year is looming ahead and oil companies are making profits, the Senate is interested in policy on energy? Where have they been for 30 years? Not having the balls to do anything, that's where. Not a single refinery built or major renovations, for that matter. Refineries are at capacity. India and China are booming and gobbling up petroleum. No new drilling allowed in this country, oh no. Where were these concerned policy makers when the oil companies were getting $8 per barrel of oil and no one could make a living in the business? Did they care then? Only the Gulf of Mexico drilling activity keeps this economy going yet everyone is shocked, shocked I tell you, when two major hurricanes in a season knock rigs and refineries out. Imagine that.

And now we learn that energy producing wind machines are being scheduled for building in the Gulf. Why off the coast of Texas? Because the loudmouth hypocrites in Washington, screaming about the environment and global warming produced by fossil fuels, don't want the wind machines blocking the coastal view from the mansions on Cape Cod and the like. Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Walter Cronkite, to name a few that have petitioned to disallow the activity in their back yards. So be it. More jobs here.

I think we should hound the senators to produce a panel of entertainment executives making outlandish money off the backs of the working man who wants to see a movie or buy a dvd to watch at home. Let's examine those salaries and bonuses. Let's begin with Spielberg, Lucas, Geffin, et al. and look at the numbers. Or does the free market only apply to some industry and not all in this country?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Talk To Me Tuesday

I ws just listening to talk radio - the Laura Ingraham show - and her guest was C-Span's creator, Brian Lamb. One of my heroes. Such a mild mannered and patient person. Turns out he is a native Hoosier, like hubby is, and even went to the same university as hubby, Purdue University. I knew I liked him! He was recently married for the first time, at age 63, to a girl he met in elementary school and caught up with again. So cool.

Suppose to finally get a true cold front coming through tonight. Thank you, thank you. My sinuses are killing me.

Enjoying a tall glass of cold Fresca. Haven't had it in years so it is a nice change. I'm thinking a touch of vodka in it would make a tasty cocktail in the evening.

Trying to get all the ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner in the pantry and fridge. Just the three of us this year so I'm not feeding masses of people or anything. Looks like the following day hubby will journey to one of the "Stan" countries. Purchased some extra long johns he likes - made of silk and comfy enough to also be pajamas. They should arrive before he leaves. I continue to do most of my shopping over the internet. So easy to do and it comes right to the door. It doesn't get better than that.

I'm listed on in the upcoming interviews section. Go on over and leave a question for him to ask me. I hope it's a fun thing to do. I did a question for The American Princess interview. I love her blog. Wacky questions welcome!

Monday, November 14, 2005

A Movie and Dinner, Too

Yesterday afternoon we had a rare occurance as of late. A family outing and all three of us were in agreement of what it would be! We saw the movie "Jarhead" and then we had a bite at Red Robin. It was good for us to all be out together after it feels like it has been too long. We all enjoyed the movie. It's is definately a Hollywood version of the military but it's what I was expecting. Jamie Foxx was excellent.

Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, Gov of Louisiana, has been named one of the worst governors in the country. Ya think?

If you are interested in an intellectually honest article on the "lies" of the pre-war run up in Iraq, you may want to read an excellent article written by Norman Podhoretz in the Wall Street Journal. I have printed it out after scanning it so I can be more thorough and it is 9 computer printed pages. He has a great mind.

I am known for jumping in with both feet when I do something, so I have volunteered to participate in the project of interviewing bloggers at Basil's Blog. I am to be added to the list and encourage you, gentle reader, to email in a question for him to ask me! I'm curious to find out what happens!

Next week is Thanksgiving break. All week. I'll be loving the break from routine. I don't remember getting a whole week from school during my school days, though. Just the Friday after.

I wore my contact lens yesterday for the movie, thinking my sinus difficulties were improved enough for me to do so. Wrong. Today my eyes and very red and irritated again. Nuts. I am so aggrevated to have contact lens and not be able to wear them right now. Back on the Claritin.

Wizard of Oz on TBS over the weekend, colorized. Disturbing.

Santa ordered the boy's big Christmas present over the weekend. He's getting the new XBox 360 that he was been drooling over. I hope the supplies hold and he gets it in time for the holiday and can enjoy it during the school break. He picked it out, of course, as I am completely ignorant of all things video. Although, I am thinking I need one of those new, slim IPod's. I can't keep up with all the stuff coming out and what's hot, what's not. That's my teenager's job. And my engineer husband's job, too!

Laundry calls.

Friday, November 11, 2005


Happy Friday, y'all. Glad it is finally here. The sick guys around here are wearing me down. Son is home again today trying to shake the bug he has. Making an appointment for him tomorrow with the doctor just to be on the safe side.

Watched some C-Span yesterday afternoon while Karen Hughes was testifying before the House foreign affairs committee. She was great, as usual. So well-spoken and thoughtful. Even the usual suspects who normally slander the administration on a daily basis were impressed with her. Except, Barbara Lee (D-California) but what do you expect from the only member of the House to not vote for the ouster of Saddam Hussein. Her soulmate, I suppose. She looked particulary foolish talking about "lies" and "misleading" in the run up to the war in Iraq.

I congratulate these democratic senators for supporting Lindsey Graham's (R-S.C.) amendment to specify the "rights" of enemy combattants scooped up on the battlefield - Wyden (D-OR), Leiberman (R-CT), Landrieu (D-LA), Conrad (D-ND), and Nelson (D-NE). These republican senators voted against the amendment - Chaffee (R-RI), Sununu (R-NH), Smith (R-OR), and Spector (R-PA). To say that enemies on the battlefield should have the same legal rights in a CIVILIAN Federal Court as any American citizen does is reprehensible. These republicians need a sharp smack of reality. The democrats are to be congratulated for bucking their party line voter comrades.

Have you seen the new commercial on Kurdistan? Fantastic. If that doesn't bring a smile to your face, I don't know what it takes to make you happy. It's Veteran's Day. Thank a Veteran for the freedom we all tend to take for granted.

Hubby getting ready to go to a "Stan" country later in the month for a client. Not Kurdistan, though! Not yet, anyway!

Now that it is back into the 80's outside here, my ac is running non-stop again. Yuk. Next week we may really get a cold front move through, according to the local weather guesser. That would be nice...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Feels Like Monday

It's a blah day. Been taking a break from the computer and the news as much as possible. Yesterday son was home from school as he was not feeling well.

Amazing Race - still amazing. I'm liking the family version better than I thought I would.

Turned on the news a little while ago. Amman, Jordan dealing with three suicide bomb attacks - one each at the Hyatt, Radisson and the Days Inn. Hubby stays at the Radisson when he is there, or he has in the past. Said the security was light the last time he was there. So, I am back to taking a break from the news.

Making buffalo style wings for son before the scout meeting tonight. His idea of comfort food!

Texas elections not surprising. Mayor Bill White won very easily. He even had my vote. Supposedly our mayor is a non-partisan office but he's a democrat. He has been a champ for the city, though so he had my support. Proposition 2 easily passed, too. The amendment to the state constitution making marriage officially between a man and a woman. Duh.

Have a good one.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Say What?

It is the theatre of the absurd, again. Many on Capitol Hill now think the ticket back into power is to accuse the president of lying about the intelligence reports leading up to the war in Iraq. The very same democrats who voted for the war resolution and agreed in long, flowing speeches on the floor of the Senate, mind you. Especially spotlight whores like Chuckie Shumer. The same Chuckie Shumer who was recently caught in the not widely publized (surprise!) trick of exposing the credit history and records of the black lt. governor in Maryland running for the Senate, a Republican. Think of the gnashing of teeth and fainting on the senate floor if that had been a republican trick in the campaign. The special prosecutor, Fitzgerald, specifically said at his press conference that his indictment of Scooter Libby meant nothing one way or the other about the lead up to the war in Iraq. I guess that was not to be believed but the charges against Libby are to be believed. Easy to pick and choose your reality, I guess. If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

France is burning. They are on day 13 at this point and no let up in sight. Chirac, man of steel that he is, has hidden out through out the whole thing up until yesterday when he issued a tepid at best reply that this behavior will not be tolerated. The man's a rock, I'll tell ya.

Finally the sociopath that escaped from the jail here on the way back to death row was captured in Shreveport, LA. End of the road trip for him. He was drunk and using a pay phone when he was spotted.

Tomorrow is voting day in our little part of the world. If it is for you, make plans to do so. Put it on your calendar. Excercise your duty as a citizen of this free country and vote. Many have died so you can do so.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

It's So Cool

Thanks to all for the kind comments on the new design. All props go to Lisa at Design a Blog, you will see her button on this site. She's the woman, I'll tell ya. She asked a few basic questions to find out what I had in mind and went with it. She rocks. And she answers questions for even rookies like me. I still have to get her the blogroll sites but am behind on that. My guys have hogged the computer all weekend. I'm taking it back in the morning!

I purchased a Belgian wafflemaker Friday and we have so enjoyed our waffles this weekend. It is a great machine - professional quality according to the hype - and even I don't burn them. So yummy.

Son's AP Biology teacher called Friday afternoon. The reason he is having some difficulty in the class has been discovered. He should have taken Biology I and then Chemistry before this class. Well, now. It is all making sense now. She is trying to get his class changed. Poor guy. Science is a strong subject for him and he loves the subject so he was really frustrated. The fact that he was passing at all is amazing to me. His French II teacher wants him to go into a AP class as he is straight A in her class and she knows he isn't being challenged. Maybe between the two changes it'll all work out.

Spoke to MIL this morning. Southern Indiana was hit with a devasting tornado but she is further north and wasn't affected. She is really excited to be coming for Christmas so I guess we did the right thing. She is bringing an extra suitcase loaded with things she thinks we want, as she is downsizing in a smaller condo. Yeah, just what this house needs. More stuff.

When I was purchasing aforementioned waffle maker, at Linens and Things, I was also shopping for a new bedspread. We need a bedspread on our king size bed, a comforter is too short on the sides and the way the bed is platformed, it doesn't work with the ruffle thingys on the sides under the comforter. They don't carry them anymore! I bought the one we use now there so I was not pleased with this development. I must resort to my catalogs, I guess. I am the catalog queen and receive every catalog published in this country, from the looks of my mail, especially at Christmas time.

Gas - $2.31

Friday, November 04, 2005

You Like?

Here it is - Ta-Daaa! What do you think? I love it. It only needs the blogroll done and we're cooking with gas. Lisa rocks!

Ahhh, Friday

Finally, we are at the end of the week. I've been to the grocery store and purchased stuff for the weekend. Making baked pasta with fresh mozzarella and Parmesan reggiano then chili tomorrow. Those will stretch through out hungry times.

I think Jimmy Carter needs to sit down and shut up. He was a failed President, a failed governor of Georgia before that (I lived in Atlanta during that time) and now thinks he is worthy of being listened to as a sage former world leader. Yuk. I remember gas lines, sky high mortgage rates, Iran hostages, ushering in the Ayatollah Khomeni while betraying the Shah of Iran, and on and on. He may be a good man as far as his work with Habitat for Humanity goes, but as a political leader? NO! He continues to make himself look like a fool and shows no long term vision for anything.

My new blog design is looking good, gentle readers. I am stoked! That Lisa at Design a Blog is doing good work.

My son has been a Pez dispenser collector for most of his life. Nothing organized or anything like that, just ones that he likes or are seasonal or timely. Holiday ones and ones like Star Wars or Peanuts characters. Have you seen the giant ones out lately? I bought him one with an Astros helmet as the decoration at the top. Now I purchased a Chewbacca for his Christmas stocking! Too funny. Giant Chewy head. Chewy is a fave character. He loves to make the noise and has a friend who does a spot on impression of it. Boys.

Happy Friday, all!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Day Three

Yes, day three with pitiful husband at home. Tomorrow, for the good of our 22 year marriage, he had best go off to work!

I am sooooo excited! Lisa, from Design a Blog, is working on my new blog format. Yea! I have been wanting a "real" looking one since I started and I am hopeless about the whole thing. I saw a working design last night and I am gonna love it when it's all done. Plus, I'll have a blogroll and can return the favor of those who have graciously included me in theirs.

I started the first load of laundry at 5:30 this morning and I am still not finished with what I wanted to wash today. Jeez. We are only a family of three.

I saw a few chunks of the Rosa Parks extravaganza yesterday on C-Span. I can't help but think the poor woman would have been so embarrassed by the whole thing. She lived as a humble woman in Detroit the last of her years without the publicity machines of do-gooders of today. She was a true patriot. Just doing her civil disobedience because it was the right thing to do, not for a book deal or movie deal or talk show glory. All the usual suspects were parading out to spew - the Clintons, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, Pelosi, etc. Turned into a political rally aided and abetted by the clergy there. Just like what happened to Paul Wellstone's in Minnesota a few years back. So disgusting. Is that how Rosa Park's would have wanted to be honored? Even spewing forth about Alito and the Supreme Court nominations at her "funeral"? And how do people like the Clintons feel about appearing with slime like Farrakhan who truly believe the white man has no reason to exist? I guess the level of ego and desire to remain in the spotlight overcome all that.

Prince Charles and Camilla are doing the U.S. tour. Does anyone really care?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Day Two

Hubby staying home again today. Bleck. He is still chugging the cough meds, though, and it helps him sleep.

Chilly this morning. Puts me more in the holiday mood, I guess. I have been making reservations for things to do when mother in law is here for Christmas. I have decided that if I can keep everyone busy, there will be less down time and less time for hubby to be irritated with her. Peace.

Gotta get over and do early voting. I hate the long lines on voting day. I vote at an elementary school here in our subdivision, which is nice and handy, but parking is a nightmare. So, early voting is the ticket for me.

Poor son has to go to math tutoring. He is having difficulties with Algebra II. He needs to get his grade up. He is in a pre-AP course which I think just moves too quickly for him. I completely symphatize, as I am not the math parent around here. So, today he will start going to sessions after school today. I'm just happy they are offered at school so he can just stay and get the help. Much better than me trying to hunt down a good tutor.

Gas - $2.51 yesterday at Kroger. I use my frequent shopper card there and it is suppose to give a little price break.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Not Much

Slow day. Hubby is home with a cold and we all know what that means - no rest for the wicked! He got some strong cough meds and that is knocking him out now.

Not much for Halloween last night. It poured down raining just before sunset and we only got two rings of the doorbell. Wierd. Felt sorry for the little kids. Although, the past couple of years I have noticed fewer and fewer kids come out. Safety concerns, I guess. Sad.

Going to make a quick comforting supper of pork chops on the George Foreman Grill (how did I ever live without that invention?!), garlic, cajun spiced rice, steamed broccoli and biscuits. Hopefully hubby will see something there he wants. I made him a brunch of eggs and grits so he was satisfied this morning. Poor baby.

Amazing Race tonight. Missed it due to World Series games. Looking forward to catching up.

Y'all be good.