Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thursday Treat

Benjamin Franklin: the Many Talents of an American Patriot

Birth to a humble life let him see how the world worked from the bottom,
Entering the world of high society let him see the view from above,
Nevertheless, he could always see the right path.
Joining the world of press at only fifteen,
Advising the world behind a mask
Marking himself from there.
Inspired to achieve more
Never giving up.

From Boston to Philadelphia, he continued to work for change
Ringing the bells of change in the ears of the country.
A few simple words were all he used to inspire,
Needing only wit and a pen to play the sage.
Kindling American values in our hearts,
Lighting them into an internal flame.
Inspiring others with his words,
Never truly forgotten.

Written by my son, age 16, for an AP English II course. The assignment was pre-assigned in relationship with a DAR competition.

My kid rocks.

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srp said...

Very nice. Benjamin Franklin has always been an enigma to me. So many contrasting parts of one man.
The last lab I worked for was started by a Benjamin Franklin Martin. I guess his mom thought much of old Ben as well.