Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Bridge

I was born in Biloxi, MS but our home was in Ocean Springs, MS. When I was born, 50 years ago, there was no hospital in Ocean Springs. It was a very small community. There was a bridge, a draw bridge, connecting Ocean Springs to Biloxi over the Gulf of Mexico. Of course, with time, the bridge has been improved and made up to date. Today I saw that bridge demolished by Katrina.

The FEMA director says of the looting and misbehaving, "Stop it. Now is not the time." Well said.



They are coming our way today. All those people taking refuge in the New Orleans Superdome are going to be bussed to Houston and put up in the Astrodome. The Astrodome is no longer used here and for the past several city leaders have debated about what to do with it. This is a good use, I'd say. The bus ride over here won't be fun but they'll be in considerably more comfort here than there. The Mayor of New Orleans now says it will be 12-16 weeks before people will be allowed back into the city. Merry Christmas.

I am so angry with the dregs of humanity looting the businesses during the flooding of the city. People didn't get to a shelter to be taken care of but stayed out to loot and take advantage of this disaster. And they are so proud of themselves, smiling and waving for the cameras filming them. Stealing from jewelry stores, regular retail shops, is not survival. New Orleans is under Martial Law now. I say shoot the scum - there I said it. Trash bins loaded up with imported beer and shelving units being pushed along the street filled with liquor and, oh yeah, the ammunition from the sporting goods store.

The first responders are risking their lives rescuing the people who just couldn't see fit to leave their homes and are now stuck on their roofs. Yeah, house over life. Let's not help ourselves but be the very first to bitch about help available to them.

Enough venting for now. Do please contribute as best you can to the charity organizations helping the gulf coast. Americans are so incredibly generous. It is our tsunami.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

After the Storm

Well, the storm has hit the coast and passed on up and out of the south. New Orleans didn't get damaged as badly as first thought but today the levees are still bursting and the pumps have not been on since the storm came onshore. Southern Mississippi is devastated and it may be a month before they have power and the water system back. People trapped on the roofs of their homes, the onset of critters of all kinds, health concerns, doom and gloom all around. Mother Nature slapped them hard.

The silver lining shows through now. The absolute kindness and genuine goodness of human beings will far outshine the ugliness of some who have chosen to take advantage of neighbor's misfortune. Yes, there is looting and price gouging but good will prevail.

Lots of folks have chosen our city as their destination for evacuation. Our state is sending lots of emergency help for getting electricity and power back on and for feeding people. They are waiting for permission to enter the areas in need. So much to be done.

Monday, August 29, 2005


Hubby is hone and didn't get oysters at Black's on the way back from the oil rig Saturday night. It was too crowded so he went up to Rayne and had frog legs instead! Rayne is the Frog Capitol, you know.

I am on the verge of tears due to Katrina. Two of my sentimental favorites are not going to fare well. New Orleans will always be my favorite city and this is so tragic. Hubby proposed at Cafe du Monde all those years ago. We have both lived there in years past.

Biloxi is the city of my birth. Our home was on the Gulf, literally across the street from the Gulf of Mexico in Ocean Springs. I was born in Biloxi as Ocean Springs didn't have a hospital! It has grown to proportions I no longer recognize but it sure looks glum for the Mississippi coast.

Been glued to the tv since yesterday. The weather woman on Fox was all choked up during her forecast at one point. I was right there with her.


Saturday, August 27, 2005

Evacuating the Gulf

Poor hubby called to say the oil rig is evacuating due to the lovely Katrina bearing down on New Orleans. It will probably take him forever to drive back home tonight. He likes to stop by Black's Oyster House in Abbeville and down a couple dozen but don't know if that will be possible this time.

Son has gone off to the Downtown Aquarium with girlfriend, another girl and gf's family for the afternoon. A big draw there is a white tiger exhibit. I don't know why there is a white tiger exhibit at the Aquarium, there just is. It's quite the tourist trap with lots of stuff to do (and money to be extracted from your pocket) but it's a birthday treat for girlfriend.

I am off to find a pitcher of something cold and a good book.
Hold on, New Orleans.

I've Been Tagged!

I have been tagged by Uzi so I will try to jump start my brain:

The Numbers Game

10 Years Ago: I was an incredibly active volunteer working to open a Childrens Museum in Lafayette LA
5 Years Ago: Field Trip chaperone, School Library volunteer
1 Year Ago: Tending to my ill mother
1 Day Ago: Relaxing at home

5 Favorite Snacks:
a. chocolate
b. popcorn
c. cheese
d. bagel chips
e. ice cream

5 Songs I Know The Lyrics To:
a. Happy Birthday to You!(et en francais)
b. Yesterday - The Beatles
c. The Long and Winding Road - The Beatles
d. Piano Man - Billy Joel
e. Stop In The Name of Love - The Supremes

What I Would Do With $5 Million:
Pay off all debts, Purchase new car, Pay off MIL's home, Travel, Invest for future

5 Places I would Escape To For A While:
a. New Orleans
b. Kona, Hawaii (the most beautiful place I have ever been)
c. New York City
d. London
e. Vienna

5 Things I would Not Wear:
a. bikini
b. mini skirt
c. midriff baring shirt
d. thong
e. spike heels

5 Favorite TV Programs:
a. Amazing Race
b. Frasier
c. Two and a Half Men
d. Boston Legal
e. Grey's Anatomy

5 Greatest Joys:
a. marriage
b. my son
c. friends
d. learning
e. travel

5 Favorite Toys:
a. computer
b. cd player
c. camera
d. printer
e. cd disk burner

Friday, August 26, 2005

It's Friday! Sweet!

This has been one long week. The heat is wearing me out. Today is suppose to be a high of 97!

Hubby is out on an oil drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico for a couple of weeks doing his thing. I am hoping it isn't longer than that as he and son are signed up for a weekend campout with the scouts to do the Order of the Arrow ordeal. The OA thing is an honor that the troop votes on to bestow to scouts and leaders and both of my guys were honored with it this year. Son is rapidly approaching Eagle Scout in rank and hubby is enjoying being a part of the adult leadership.

Back in the day, hubby was a world class spelunker (cave explorer!). He grew up in southern Indiana and the area is rich in caves. This was his favorite weekend activity as a teenager. He invented a repelling technique that is written up in books and presented a paper at a national forum while still in high school. He loves the outdoor life. He also repelled the deepest cave in the world, in Mexico, as a young man. Son, however, does not have the same enthusiasm for the great outdoors. He likes it, but doesn't love it, if you know what I mean ( and I think you do!). I am the exact opposite as I hate camping. I never go. Hubby likes to say my idea of roughing it is a hotel without room service! Yeah, that's funny.

Hoping the best for Florida this weekend with hurricane Katrina.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Thursday Thoughts

Just going to throw out some thoughts today. I have been feeling the stress of being at the end of the week today. Hubby getting ready to head out tonight and keeping up with son's schedule and social life. Yikes.

My son is taking the last of his drivers ed course - the part where they do on the road driving. Bless his heart. He is stressed about his ability behind the wheel. We have just let him take it at his own pace, if he wants to drive and get practice, he can. He was so gun-ho to get the drivers permit last year when he turned 15 but after actually getting behind the wheel, well the novelity cooled.

I recommend you stop by the website to click on sponsoring free mammograms. It costs you nothing and for your click and a second of your time a woman in need will be given a free mammogram. Worthy cause.

Tropical Storm Katrina bearing down on Florida. Jeez. What a busy season this year. Hubby is going out into the Gulf tomorrow morning so he may not be there long if it comes further west. Offshore rigs are evacuated promptly in the face of hurricane warnings.

Son is back to acting class. In previous years he has taken classes at a local playhouse. The classes are led by a professional actress and he really likes her. We love wacky women! I am happy he has time this semester for the weekly class. I don't think he did anything there all last year. The class performs during the last class of the course and parents and friends come as the audience. This time she is doing a drama with them which is a good change of pace, usually she has them doing comedy.

OK, gotta get back to the closet I am cleaning out. A charity has a truck coming by in the morning for donations and as usual I have de-cluttering to do!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Today is Tuesday

Well, I watched the second installment of Inside 9/11 and it was really good. I have to say I am glad I invested 4 hours on this documentary. Brought back all the memories of that God forsaken day. I fear we as Americans are beginning to be a little too relaxed about the seriousness of our safety. We must never forget.

I think Pat Robertson has gone off the edge this time. He is advocating the assassination of Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela. Yee Gods. I thought religious leaders worked for peaceful solutions to craziness in the world. Yes, Chavez takes great pride in being the protege of Fidel Castro and we do get a portion of our oil supply from Venezuela, but come on. Let's take a deep breath, shall we?!

My hubby, son and I lived briefly in Venezuela in the early 90's. Hubby works throughout the world in the evil oil biz so it was a completely normal kind of gig for him to accept. The only thing making it an out of the ordinary experience was that our son and I would go with him and we would live there. So off we went. Our son was the tender age of 16 months. It was an interesting/horrible experience for this spoiled American woman! Apparently I don't do very well in third world countries! I want electricity, clean water and non uzi-toting policemen. Demanding, I know. We lived in a multi-story apartment bldg and had nice neighbors but I don't care for electricity going out for unknown reasons whenever it felt like it. It was all surreal on many levels but we met some good people and my eyes were opened to many new experiences.

God Bless America!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Monday, Monday

Last night was a good night for tv viewing as far as info on the war on terror goes. First started out with 60 Minutes, which I normally avoid like the plague but surfed through some of it last night. One interview was with former CIA analyst Michael Sheuser, pushing his book of course, and his thoughts on bin Laden. He was quite irritating with his blame Israel take on middle eastern policy. I have seen him on other shows and it is a consistent theme with other has-beens : if that Bush administration had only listened to ME, all would be good now. Always about how in-the-know the interviewee is and now they are victims as whistleblowers. Yuk.

I watched National Geographic's "Inside 9/11" and was pleasantly surprised what a good job they did with the build-up and world history leading up to the events of 9/ll here. No slanted political views seeping in, yet. Tonight is the second part. The second installment deals with the actual attacks and the day of 9/ll.

Do you remember what you were doing on 9/ll? It is like the question of what you were doing the day JFK was shot for some of us of a certain age. Some days are burned into your brain forever. On 9/ll, I put my son on a bus with his classmates in route to Big Bend National Park for the annual outdoor education week at about 7:30 that morning. After waving goodbye to the bus in the parking lot I went inside to join some other moms in the school library to discuss some PTO matters. My husband was in route to Hong Kong on business, so he was in the air. Next I remember my friend Laura saying she had watched an airplane flying into one of the WTC bldgs on the little tv in her SUV during the morning news. She was in shock and I have to admit that when she told me that, I simply could not wrap my brain around what she was saying. I remember her saying "we are at war now" and at first I thought , what is she talking about? The rest of the day is a blur of being glued to the tv and getting the facts as they were known. The bus taking the trip to Big Bend was called back so the kids could be with their families. My husband called that afternoon after hearing the news upon arriving in Hong Kong and letting me know he was safe. Oh, did I mention he had left from Logan Airport? So that is what I remember.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Peace Out

A very quiet day here. The dog got a bath so that was some brief excitement. He does not appreciate being the source of entertainment, though. Hubby got home last night, an hour later than planned due to problem with plane. Broken windshield. Yeah, that's a problem. Now he is doing his report/recommendations/bs for the office tomorrow. Son is at girlfriend's house celebrating her birthday with her family. We stopped on the way over and bought a Carvel's ice cream cake as a surprise for them all to enjoy. He had already given her the other gifts - cd and a stuffed bear holding a stuffed intial of her name. Cute.

Until recently I was clueless about this Carvel ice cream chain. Apparently it is very popular in the northeastern US. Hence, my ignorance. They have delicious soft serve as well as regular stuff. This franchise supports my son's high school so it's all good.

I am about to start my next chick lit book, Little Earthquakes, by Jennifer Weiner. I finished a previous one of hers yesterday. Sometimes I just need the mind candy. Usually I am far too serious for my own good. Wonks rule.

It is still hot as blue hell here so I am enjoying a diet Snapple iced tea. A new flavor, plum-a-granate is yummy. Cheers.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Saturday morning

Saturday morning and all is well. Hubby called last night to say that he'll be home today. Talked to him a little while ago and he'll arrive around dinner time and already called his taxi to reserve it from the airport. Good boy.

Son and I will be doing a little shopping later this afternoon for jeans and sneakers for school. Finally breaking down and admitting he could use a little makeover on the wardrobe. Girlfriends are great motivation, I must say. He is like his father and hates to clothes shop. I do most of it for him, but for jeans and trousers he has to try them on before buying. I am not into trips back and forth to exchange stuff.

Hubby has been in Canada this past week and was offered a job with the company he was tending to. This happens sometimes and is always interesting to think of change. But Canada? Being a southern gal, winters in Indiana for the time we were there were about all I could handle. I know Canada is beautiful and have been there once, but to Victoria not to Calgary where hubby is talking. Hmm. Son, of course, would crap. Like I said, interesting to think about but doubt it'll happen.

Time to wake that sleeping boy up and get on with the day.

Friday, August 19, 2005


I am happy to have this week over with. Ready for a margarita tomorrow with my girlfriend and a good visit. What is better than connecting back with an old friend? She and I were best friends in elementary school in another state and both now live here. We connected again because of and it has been great to have a blast from the past! We love Saturday afternoon margaritas/lunch/visits.

I am blessed with friendships that bring women into my life that have a similar lifestyle as mine. With a husband in the oil biz our life is often unpredictable and schedules are always changing. Hubby is a constant traveler for work so more often than not I function as a single mom with our son. I have the best of both worlds - I can enjoy "me" time when hubby is traveling and then he comes home to us. We are not a typical 9 - 5 family and the day in and day out tediousness of that would send me over the edge after all of these years.

Bottoms up.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

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My son said yesterday that he thought he would really like his Biology teacher this year. She said during class that she did not hold the idea of intelligent design with any validity and this pleases my son greatly. My son has his father's science genes and hopes to do something in the science field when he is out of school and in the career world. Anything other than evolution is a mockery of science to him.

I have to say I am breathing a sigh of relief with the teacher's opinion. I know everyone has a right to religious thought in everyday life but that is not the point here. Today's students need a firm education in science, and in math too, and our country really needs to encourage this area of education. We continue to fall behind of other countries in educating our children. This is a sin, as far as I am concerned. My son attends a public high school after all years leading up to high school being spent in a small private school thru the Episcopalian church.

That's me on my soapbox today.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Wednesday Thoughts

Can't get my brain to focus on one particular subject today so I am just going to blurt out thoughts.

Woke in the middle of the night and didn't get back to sleep for a while so that makes me groggy. Hubby fell asleep early last night and decided to get up at 3:30 and make noise.

Been watching events in Gaza this morning. The Israelis being evicted from their homes in the settlements makes me sad. I hope it will be a help in the peace process but I have no faith that it will. The other side has proven time and time again to not be people of their word.
My son's girlfriend told him to thank me for raising a sweet guy. That appreciation is gladly accepted but my first thought was "leave my baby alone, girly!"

The Minutemen are training here to do their border patrol. I have mixed feelings about them. I know they are trying to serve the country's best interests but I continue to be angry that our country can't (won't) get its borders under control. My city is feeling the effects of gangs made up of illegals toting AK 47's. Not cool.

I love C-Span. I am a happy geek while monitoring what the government is doing. Politics is my passion.

I am off to buy a new dictionary for the boy. He needs a French/English one for French II class.

Currently reading " In Her Shoes" by Jennifer Weiner. Good light summer read.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

No More Scary E-Mails!

My mother-in-law sent an email to me yesterday that absolutely scared the bejesus out of me! It starts off innocently enough explaining that before you open the video attachment you should know to watch it all the way through as it was made in the UK as an auto ad but notice the strange ghostly fog that shows up in the ad. Well, I call over my teenage son to come watch what grandma has sent us and next thing I know at the end of this easygoing ad pops up a scary looking kinda person like creature that screams at you. Then a message comes up that says to go change your underwear and get back to work! Holy cow! She is one sick woman.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Back to School

So today is back to school day. This means the daily routine revolves around school schedules and after school activities. I must say I completely enjoyed the last two weeks of the summer break. Hubby was out of town for most of it and I got to go back to bed after letting Max the dog out for his early morning break. It is such a luxury to take a break for a couple of extra hours in the morning. I feel no guilt as I am up about 5:00 each morning.

My child is in his sophomore year of high school this year and it is flying by so fast I can't believe it. He is a good kid and the joy of my life. I am a very proud mom.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Let's Hear It For The Girl!

I see that Laura Bush has named a woman to the post of White House Chef. Good for her. This woman has been an assistant chef at the White House for 10 years so she must know her way around the place.

I must say this pleases me on a different kind of level. Yet again the Republicans have broken ground on the "first woman ..." front. Interesting that the Dems claim to be the only game in town for women and minorities as far as opportunity goes.

Um hmm.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Deceptive Ads

The NARAL ad on tv has finally come down in flames. You know it was bad if the left started to eat its own. Judge John Roberts was being accused of condoning terrorist activity to abortion clinics from his legal arguments representing the government during the Bush I administration. It was, of course, a lie and the truth shines through. The poor nurse who was in the current ad was severly injured in a clinic blast. She states she had to come out against Judge Roberts because of her experience. Well, she was injured in 1997 and Judge Roberts wrote his legal opinion in 1991.

Anyway, Lanny Davis, a Clinton lawyer and Democratic party activist, came out against this ad and stated it was completely false and unjustified. Good for him.

I am a pro-choice woman who believes others have to make her own decisions. I am so tired of this issue being used as the single wedge issue for potential judges, candidates, etc. Give me a break. If you are so myopic that you are a single issue voter then heaven help you.

There, that feels better.

Honoring Casey Sheehan

I can hold myself back from the whole Cindy Sheehan 15 minutes of fame no longer. This poor woman. She is consumed with grief and bitterness over the loss of her oldest child. Casey Sheehan was a 24 year old Marine who was killed in Iraq in 2004. God rest his hero's soul. President Bush met with Ms. Sheehan as he does with many military families and she was comforted by the meeting at the time. Her words are out there for all to see. She was anti war before the troops went into Iraq and that is her right.

Now, however, President Bush is on the annual August recess in Crawford and she has chosen to get her 15 minutes by "Protesting" outside of the gates of the ranch. She has been joined by a professional pr firm that also handles clients such as They have gotten her on all the tv shows and that is fine. The problem arises when the other side is not told - that she thanked the President for the previous visit and knew he was sincere about his grief over lost soldiers and that he provided her and her family some comfort during their grief. Her other partner in this venture is the Crawford Peace House. These folks proudly proclaim that the Communist Party is their political point of view. Does that honor Casey's service to his country?

Casey was a professional in the service of his country. He was a member of an all volunteer force and proudly performed his job. It is easy to join up in peacetime and take the benefits of education and training, etc, but those volunteering to serve also were aware that the time may come when the country would be at war and they would be called upon to defend it.

Cindy Sheehan has allowed herself to be a stooge for the far left in our country to be used as a fundraising "victim" in the process. Shame on her. Disagree with your country's policies all you want. Vote for whichever candidate you choose. Freedom is not free.

Her family has issued a statement disassociating with her actions. The woman could use a kind of intervention. Someone should be a true friend to her and show her a different way of grieving. One that would truly honor her son. I know the national stage is so tempting but she would truly honor her son if he were the one remembered, not her. Do productive things in his name. Start a memorial scholarship fund in his name, start a non-profit in his name dealing with foreign policy if you are interested. Anything but being the drama queen for the cameras.

Friday, August 05, 2005

The Big 5-0!

This summer I hit the big 5-0 and this brings along some reflection with it. Here are some random thoughts:

  1. When I was born, my future husband was 7 years old!
  2. I graduated from high school in 1973, the year the war in VietNam was declared over.
  3. As a child I purchased movie tickets for 50 cents.
  4. We played outside all day long throughout the neighborhood and no one ever thought a thing about it.
  5. I remember our first color tv.
  6. No cable tv, no cell phones, no cds, no computers, - all things my son cannot imagine a world without.
  7. In school we were required to take a class called "Civics" as an introduction to basic American government.
  8. Every kitchen had a wall telephone with a very long cord on it.
  9. No one wore seat belts and dashboards were not padded.
  10. At my present age, my mother was a widow.
  11. Abortion was a state's rights issue. Women in my state had to go out of state for this.
  12. Divorce brought a social stigma.
  13. The South was ruled by Yellow Dog Democrats.

So much has changed. Can't wait to find out what the next 50 years bring!