Thursday, October 24, 2013

Texas Asian Republican Club Honors 2013 Statesman of the Year

Wednesday night, Memorial West Republican Women PAC was honored to be a Gold Sponsor for the Texas Asian Republican Club's 2013 Statesman of the Year banquet held at Kim Son Restaurant.  Statesman of the Year is Tarrant County Commissioner Andy Nguyen and honored as Asian Elected Official was Sugar Land Councilman Harish Jajoo.

Founded in 1984, Texas Asian Republican Club (TARC) is an active Asian Republican organization dedicated to bring the Asian Americans into the mainstream of America through social-political involvement. Their mission states "To uphold the constitution of the United States of America and to increase the effectiveness of Asian Americans in the cause of good government through active political participation."  President Nghi T Ho presided over the evening's presentations.  Vice-President Dr. Martha Wong presented the engraved crystal vases to the honorees.

Commissioner Nguyen told his personal story of his childhood in Vietnam during the war and how his family eventually were able to come to America.  His is truly an "only in America" kind of success story.  Councilman Jajoo also has a compelling personal story.

The objectives of TARC are as follow:
1. Increase the effectiveness of Asian Americans in the formation and functioning of good government.
2. Promote and facilitate cooperation among Asian American Republicans on common concern.
3. Develop and articulate sound public policies affecting Asian Americans.
4. Identify and represent the special interest of Asian Americans to all major political nominees and elected officials.
5. Strengthen the political clout of Asian Americans through increased political involvement.

It is important to remember that Asian voters are the fastest growing demographic in Texas elections.  It is critical for Republicans to engage the Asian American community - it is crucial to keeping Texas a red state.  Recently, Texas Republican Party Chairman Munisteri hired the State Party's first Asian American outreach coordinator.

I encourage you to attend a meeting and get to know the members of this club.  You will be welcomed and enjoy the fellowship of their meetings.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rep Jim Murphy Speaks to Memorial West Republican Women PAC

On Monday, speaking to a packed room of club members, guests and elected officials, Tx State Rep Jim Murphy (Dist 133) presented an update on many timely subjects.  I had the pleasure of introducing him.  I live in his district.

I learned of a new development that I am really excited about - the district is getting a Farmers Market!  This is exciting news for those of us who live in the Westchase District and are a long drive away from existing Farmers Markets.

After a year of anticipation, the Westchase District Farmers Market will open at last this October. The year-round weekly market will be open on Thursdays from 3 to 6 p.m.  on the parking lot at St. Cyril of Alexandria Catholic Church, 10503 Westheimer Road (at Rogerdale Road). 
More than a dozen vendors have committed to participate in the market and more are signing up as Carey reaches out to them. “I expect to have a good mix of agricultural products, including pork, lamb, beef, eggs, produce, and cheeses,” he said. The farmers market also will feature value-added products such as locally-made jams and jellies, honey, specialty soaps and bread.The Westchase District Farmers Market is made possible by a $65,000 grant through the United States Department of Agriculture’s Farmers Market Promotion Program. The FMPP supports efforts to improve and expand domestic farmers markets and other community-supported agriculture programs.“Our market will exist to offer citizens of west Houston access to high quality, locally-grown seasonal fresh foods, as well as to provide a vibrant community gathering place for the Westchase community,” said Fox. 
The market hours were set to accommodate both the working community in Westchase District and the residents of the surrounding neighborhoods.  “Our hours will accommodate 8-to-5 employees, carpool parents and retirees living nearby – all of whom want to take advantage of the opportunity to buy locally-grown produce,” she added. “We’re confident both the business and the residential communities will support the market and its vendors.” 

As you may know, Rep Murphy is General Manager of Westchase District.  He refered to it as his day job as he gave updates on the latest news.

Candidate for Texas Attorney General, Rep Dan Branch, remarked that Murphy is likely a future Speaker of the House, a remark warmly received by the audience.

Murphy encourage all to vote for the proposition on the upcoming ballot for funding water needs of the state.  Three major measures to ensure long-term viability of water resources in Texas by creating a funding mechanism that needs to be approved by voters in November were passed by the Texas Legislature. This appears on our ballot as Prop 6.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

United Republicans of Harris County and TFRW Host Tx Lt Governor Forum

Tuesday night, a candidate forum for Texas Lt Governor was held at the Trini Mendenhall Sosa Community Center.  A packed room with a crowd of 300 listened to all four Republicans running for the office make their case to voters.  United Republicans of Harris County and Texas Federation of Republican Women hosted the event.  Channel 11's senior political reporter, Doug Miller, served as the moderator.

I can offer little to the well written blog post from David Jennings on his Big Jolly Politics blog. So, I will just include a few personal observations. With FULL DISCLOSURE, I state that I am a member of the Board of Directors for United Republicans of Harris County and I am a member of Texas Federation of Republican Women.  I am not endorsing any of the candidates and encourage everyone to go to events to hear from the candidates in person.  Get a feel for them up close and listen to them.  Make a decision for yourself.  

I think all of the candidates had a good night.  United Republicans of Harris County has a well-deserved reputation for treating candidates fairly and with respect.  The time limits and rotation system used was designed to keep the forum moving while covering major issues without allowing any one candidate to go into campaign speech mode. This forum allowed voters to see the candidates think on their feet and make their points in a controlled format.

Last week I heard Commissioner Jerry Patterson speak at the September meeting with Tomball Republican Women.  I found him to be engaging and in possession of a quick sense of humor.  He seemed to be enjoying himself and the audience responded well to him.  He recounted his authorship of the concealed weapons legislation as well as his insistence that border security takes an all of the above approach - boots on the ground, electronic surveillance, a guest worker program, etc.

I heard Lt Gov Dewhurst speak about two weeks ago at the September meeting of Texas Tea Party Republican Women and he was also well-received.  He spoke of his dedication to social conservatism and keeping Texas a fiscally conservative state. He spoke of the chaos brought on by those who were supporting the filibuster and of not allowing the disrupters a victory in the end.

I have heard Sen Dan Patrick speak in the past and most recently in person a few months back when he was part of a forum on school choice and charter schools.  He excels when he speaks on education reform.  He mentioned that if he is elected Lt Governor, he will continue to speak on the radio and listeners can call in and speak with him about their concerns.

Commissioner Todd Staples was the participant I am least familiar with, at this point.  He is young, energetic, and going full steam ahead.  He has a distinctive East Texas twang and projects being comfortable in his own skin. I enjoyed his promoting his own book with humor and suggesting it as a holiday gift.  Humor and laughs from the audience broke up the seriousness of the evening frequently - a welcome relief.

I noted that all four men are comfortable making fun of themselves and secure enough to show they are only human, as are we all. Most of all, it was refreshing to watch a panel of politicians treating each other with civility.