Thursday, October 24, 2013

Texas Asian Republican Club Honors 2013 Statesman of the Year

Wednesday night, Memorial West Republican Women PAC was honored to be a Gold Sponsor for the Texas Asian Republican Club's 2013 Statesman of the Year banquet held at Kim Son Restaurant.  Statesman of the Year is Tarrant County Commissioner Andy Nguyen and honored as Asian Elected Official was Sugar Land Councilman Harish Jajoo.

Founded in 1984, Texas Asian Republican Club (TARC) is an active Asian Republican organization dedicated to bring the Asian Americans into the mainstream of America through social-political involvement. Their mission states "To uphold the constitution of the United States of America and to increase the effectiveness of Asian Americans in the cause of good government through active political participation."  President Nghi T Ho presided over the evening's presentations.  Vice-President Dr. Martha Wong presented the engraved crystal vases to the honorees.

Commissioner Nguyen told his personal story of his childhood in Vietnam during the war and how his family eventually were able to come to America.  His is truly an "only in America" kind of success story.  Councilman Jajoo also has a compelling personal story.

The objectives of TARC are as follow:
1. Increase the effectiveness of Asian Americans in the formation and functioning of good government.
2. Promote and facilitate cooperation among Asian American Republicans on common concern.
3. Develop and articulate sound public policies affecting Asian Americans.
4. Identify and represent the special interest of Asian Americans to all major political nominees and elected officials.
5. Strengthen the political clout of Asian Americans through increased political involvement.

It is important to remember that Asian voters are the fastest growing demographic in Texas elections.  It is critical for Republicans to engage the Asian American community - it is crucial to keeping Texas a red state.  Recently, Texas Republican Party Chairman Munisteri hired the State Party's first Asian American outreach coordinator.

I encourage you to attend a meeting and get to know the members of this club.  You will be welcomed and enjoy the fellowship of their meetings.

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