Friday, November 18, 2005

I've Been Waiting All Week

And now Friday is finally here. No school next week, the boy gets the whole week off, so it'll be relaxing until the end of the week when hubby packs for trip, leaving Friday. Gathering up all his warm clothes as it's cold where he's going.

Max the dog got his dope this morning disguised in cheese, as usual. He does love cheese, that dog. Speaking of dogs, the weatherman last night said it would be "a two dog night". All righty then. We only have the one dog, maybe sleeping husband counts. He and the dog both snore, I know that.

The city of Houston has installed the first of the new revenue making cameras at the stop lights. So far only downtown. I thought they would be on top of the stop light but they aren't. They are mounted to a pole off to the side of the street and they look, at first glance, like a birdhouse. A birdhouse with 4 camera windows on it. They are giving a 30 day probation period now until the end of the year. Only warnings will be issued if you go through a red light. After the first of the year, the tickets will fly. Directly to your mailbox. Let the fun begin.

The pre-holiday re-arranging of stuff has begun. Gotta get some rooms cleaned out, like the dining room, and ready for the upcoming days. It's a good incentive to fill up the trash cans and pare down around here. We seem to collect junk at record speed.

Max the dog update - they are now home. Hubby and dog both survived the trip. Gave Max a treat and he is sleeping off the buzz. It's too early in the day for hubby to enjoy a buzz so he'll have to wait for the cocktail hour tonight!


srp said...

They tried those here in Virginia Beach. I don't think they went over too well and as far as I know the idea has been abandoned.

We never had that long off for Thanksgiving. All I remember getting was the Friday after and Thanksgiving Day. In Pennsylvania we always went to school the Wednesday before.

JB said...

Cameras at lights eh? They need to do that here only I doubt they'd work. Folks run red lights here and the cops are sitting right there watching them. Guess they're too anxious to get to the local Denny's to give a damn.

poopie said...

Thank goodness I've got two dogs 'cuz I don't have a man! Those dogs sure do keep me warm though ;)