Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Talk To Me Tuesday

I ws just listening to talk radio - the Laura Ingraham show - and her guest was C-Span's creator, Brian Lamb. One of my heroes. Such a mild mannered and patient person. Turns out he is a native Hoosier, like hubby is, and even went to the same university as hubby, Purdue University. I knew I liked him! He was recently married for the first time, at age 63, to a girl he met in elementary school and caught up with again. So cool.

Suppose to finally get a true cold front coming through tonight. Thank you, thank you. My sinuses are killing me.

Enjoying a tall glass of cold Fresca. Haven't had it in years so it is a nice change. I'm thinking a touch of vodka in it would make a tasty cocktail in the evening.

Trying to get all the ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner in the pantry and fridge. Just the three of us this year so I'm not feeding masses of people or anything. Looks like the following day hubby will journey to one of the "Stan" countries. Purchased some extra long johns he likes - made of silk and comfy enough to also be pajamas. They should arrive before he leaves. I continue to do most of my shopping over the internet. So easy to do and it comes right to the door. It doesn't get better than that.

I'm listed on www.basilsblog.com in the upcoming interviews section. Go on over and leave a question for him to ask me. I hope it's a fun thing to do. I did a question for The American Princess interview. I love her blog. Wacky questions welcome!

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srp said...

We will be going out for Thanksgiving. Nyssa in Texas, my brother still in Germany. Mom and Dad don't feel like cooking and my track record at Thanksgiving dinner on my own is not good. Soon our family will just starve. Cooking skills have ended and I'm sure Nyssa has none at all, mine are limited. So, unless she marries a gourmet cook to add some of those genes back into the pool, we are doomed.