Monday, November 21, 2005

Thanks for Thanksgiving Week

Ah yes, a cold autumn morning to remind us it is Thanksgiving week after all. It'll be in the upper 70's by weeks end but we can enjoy the cooler weather while it lasts.

Saturday night we watched two movies on HBO - That "Fockers" movie and "Racing Stripes". Both were pretty funny and good escapes. We ordered pizza and of course, wings for son, and had major relaxation time. Nice.

How about that vote on Friday night in the House of Reps? Immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq? It was great, even Murtha didn't support his own idea. Now he wants to back off it and say he just wanted to open dialogue on the subject. Yeah. Imagine if you had a son or loved one in Iraq and had to listen to these vain rantings about the mistakes that have been made and we can't win militarily. It is time to dust off the Sedition Act of 1918, if you ask me. Our troops in Iraq have not lost a single military exercise. Yes, mistakes have been made. Leaders and soldiers are human beings. Changes in strategy can be welcomed without all this bloviating about lies, losses and weaknesses. We are at war. It is time for unification of voices to the enemy, which is by the way, not our own government, that they will not win this war. America has always risen to challenges that threatened our way of life. If you are someone who believes in human rights and free ways of life, you are supportive of everyone having those rights. Not just this country. We cannot stick our heads in the sand and act as if only we would be nice, everyone would love us. This war began in 1993 with the first bombing of the World Trade Center. There was no response there, except to arrest the terrorist and treat it as a simple legal matter. How did that work out in the grand scheme of things?

Son has plans to meet some old friends at the movies Friday afternoon. They are seeing the new Harry Potter movie. I wish I was going. I have to admit I get a little nostalgic about the fact that we read the first few Potter books together, as son was younger then, and enjoyed the first movies together. Sniff.

Gotta get moving. Need to run some errands this morning before things get too crowded out there.



AC said...

Didn't Murtha say something to the effect that "terrorism started with Abu Graib"?!?! I honestly couldn't believe his statements.

I went to see HP and GOF at noon on opening day with my 20 year old daughter. You should go. I think I love the books and movies more that she does.

srp said...

Nyssa will be heading your direction tomorrow, just not that far south. She will be in Dallas or rather Arlington, Fort Worth and Graham, Texas for Thanksgiving. Her father lives there and the other grandparents. She will have a couple of hours to see us when she gets back Sunday. They may not get that much time with her as she plans to work on her big literature term paper and a creative writing piece while she is there. Have a good one.